Asian Double Eyelid Surgery Asian Double Eyelid Surgery

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He encountered the same problem with the partial-incision method.

History of the Procedure

Lam uses a topical numbing cream to make the experience very easy. Relevant Anatomy In Asians with a fold, the height of the normal lid fold lies mm from the lash line with the skin gently stretched. Lam recommends after the stitches come out to wear eye makeup if you are a woman obviously and also to wear dark rectangular glasses to hide the crease that will look too high for a few weeks and even for a few months.

Etiology Traditional theory states that the pretarsal fold represents the insertion of the levator aponeurosis expansion into the dermis.

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Request a Consultation with Dr. Leabert Fernandez, also a plastic surgeon trained by James Barrett Brown, developed the technique of suturing pretarsal skin to the levator aponeurosis expansion.

Zone 3 includes thick skin and a thick subcutaneous fatty layer, along with OOM.

Key Points:

Is there a chance of scarring along the incision line? Tissue around the eyes and lids is extremely sensitive and several issues can become a problem if not addressed correctly. Tong by giving us a call at If you are 18 years of age or over, you can be offered some sedation during the procedure to decrease anxiety and to make the experience more comfortable.

Historically there has been some contention as to the categorisation of laser treatment on upper or lower eyelids as blepharoplasty, which is itself by definition surgical. Restylane and Juveder m are hyaluronic products proteins that are naturally found in the skin.

Double Fold/Double Eyelid Surgery

In addition, the partial incision actually had worse scarring because the buckling that occurred in the middle of the crease did not look natural when the eyes are closed compared to the standard full-incision method.

Mild swelling can persist for weeks to months but every week that goes by the eyelid crease becomes progressively more natural. Non-incision method There is the Non-Incisional Method which is usually recommended for patients whose eyelid is more pliable and yielding to sutures being placed inside the upper eyelid to create desired crease.

The fat is excised cut away with surgical scissors. Contraindications Consider the maturity level of the patient, especially if he or she is young. Transconjunctival blepharoplasty technique permits the excision cutting and removal of the lower-eyelid adipose tissue without leaving a visible scar, but, the transconjunctival blepharoplasty technique does not allow the removal of excess eyelid-skin.

To learn more about how Dr.

Asian Blepharoplasty: Background, History of the Procedure, Problem

The case involves a surgeon who created a fold in the second eye of a patient born with a fold in only 1 eye. Lam can work with you to design based on your eye shape, facial shape, and preferences.

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In a patient who also needs rejuvenation, Dr. This creates the anatomy seen in Caucasian upper eyelids and Asian eyelids with natural double folds.

The medial epicanthal fold can be variable in configuration.

Asian Blepharoplasty Dallas, Asian Eyelid Surgery Plano, TX

There is typically very little discomfort. For particular patients, a mid-face elevation may be required to rejuvenate the lower eyelid-cheek complex. It can take up to a year for very minor swelling to entirely resolve.

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Tong performs for you. Therefore, it has been decided to join with Social Security Project and Compensation Funds of the government.

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These patients should be considered as undergoing standard Blepharoplastywith modifications geared towards the Asian patient population. Lam makes the incision. Besides, Bangmod Hospital has realized in the importance on health and safety of labours who work in the factory and operational site.

In addition, incisional scarring is typically very easily managed with an injectable scar dissolver but Dr.