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That would be a little too easy. I sometimes find it difficult to be seen as someone who stands on the barricades while all I want to do is create programs about things that I find important.

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Bloemlezing gedichten arie boomsma dating everything is becoming better. I have my downs once in a while and sometimes Snsd yoona and lee min ho dating need to pull back from the world.

The planned show caused so much uproar among EO members that it was cancelled.

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Although a large audience has to be the result, not the goal. You are very religious.

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No illusion at all. It gives me the feeling that things are in motion. God loves everyone and sees no difference between gays, hetero- or transsexuals, lesbians or anyone else.


I would bloemlezing gedichten arie boomsma dating say such a thing during the show, but I like to accentuate this vision during the promotion of it. He has a boyfriend and slowly he starts to accept who he is.

During these episodes I sometimes start to feel that the character of it all is temporary. Therefore I find it very important to apply myself for a theme such as homosexuality. I find it very satisfactory to get these contradictions to unite. Even though I am everything that I am, this keeps being a relevant question; who am I, apart from what I do as a public person?

To show all those struggling kids out there that they are not alone. If you want to make a difference it better be grand and impressive to have the biggest impact possible.

I love to go out, eat, drink and party but in my work I find it very important to make a difference.

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I want to be inspired by the things around me, by what happens at this moment, contemporary themes. Those are people with a lot of influence, they could change a lot. In the beginning I was quite bothered by all those questions about being gay or not.

Until now I never had any reason to be afraid. When you are optimistic, you have to be fully so against all odds. In the previous season there was this boy who told me that he hated himself when he looked in the mirror.

I feel it is my quest to make youngsters see that they ought to be open and free but I never felt the urge to be a taboo breaker. Yet you are working for public television. Your quote on Twitter says: Decline in membership[ edit ] As a result of these and other controversies, the number of subscribing EO members has declined.

Later that year, EO planned to broadcast a new television show called Loopt een man over het water Are you very influenced by your surroundings?

Not in the least with an audience.

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How do you combine all these traits in one person? The core of idealism is that you should always feel that what you do is something good or that it adds something.

In the show, non-Christian comedians were to be asked to create short sketches about Jesus of Nazareth. Do you have it in your nature? My parents, who are also very religious, kept the doors to our home open to anyone who needed shelter.

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But those are not the ones you hear the most. In no way do I mean that to be negative because I love being in the spotlights, but on one hand you have to take care that everything keeps on moving fluently and on the other hand you need and anchor.

Can you imagine that? Striking a pose on the cover of a gay magazine is something he does without batting an eye even though he was born and raised as the son of a preacher man in a small village in The Netherlands.

While still being presented as a BBC documentary, The Life of Mammals series was edited to remove material incompatible with young earth creationism[2] and profanity is regularly edited out of bought-in drama series.

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Sounds like you get much satisfaction from your work? The boy and I stay in touch. Controversies[ edit ] Documentaries are often edited to reflect EO's creationist ideology.

He used to call himself a dirty faggot and stated that he would give both his legs to not have to be this way. A friend of mine once told me that he had the feeling I was living in a world of illusion.

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Shortly afterwards Knevel apologized for the highly charged way in which he had made his statements and for the fact that his personal viewpoint could have been interpreted as the official viewpoint of EO. God makes no mistakes; he makes every person the way he or she ought to be.

Is it very narrow minded of me to think that religious people are not tolerant towards any other range of ideas? We talk a lot.

It has to be repeated to have more impact.

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We never give those kids the feeling that they are obliged to do anything. I keep thinking that as long as hetero men are bothered about being called gay, well, I will keep shaking the tree.

My parents always said that faith is their basic principle but they also told me to check out their bookshelves and read. So yes, those stories keep wandering through your head while you ponder on how to make this right. The stories they tell are real and sometimes very raw.

They knew that not everybody had the same belief and thought it very important for us to keep an open mind.

They are the ones that decide what will happen. For us to take a more profound look at the world around us was very important to them.

I am, but I never have the feeling they keep me on a tight leash. I have a lot of beautiful opportunities.