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They hoped to develop these opportunities further.

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The song Danke Bush! Music[ edit ] Blumentopf was known for using a Storytelling style.

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Why is winter cold? In the lead-up to the German federal electionthe group appeared in a Wahlwerbespot "election advertisement" in which they encouraged Germans to vote.

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For the tour, the group collaborated with local artists from EgyptJordanIsraelSyriaand Lebanon. This was continued in the fifth album Musikmaschine "Music machine"which has a song using skateboard noises for the majority of the beat.

They used humor, irony, and a lot of wordplay to tell stories about everyday life, relationship, parties, both true and fictitious. Since the beginning of MayBlumentopf broadcasts a radio show with on3radio.

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Awards[ edit ] Blumentopf was voted Best Live Band by readers of the German hip hop magazine Juice in both and Yesterday my dog died, I hog tied a ho, tied dating program kanal 4 in a bow So the next time you blog try to spit a flow You want to criticize, dog?

The fourth album Gern geschehen saw powerful synth beats unusual blumentopf lyrics flirtaholics as seen in Jeder zweite linkt dich, which uses samples from the song Santa Baby for the entire beat. Try a little more I'm so tired of this I could blow fire in the hole I'm fired up so fire up the lighter and the dro Better hold on a little tighter here I go Flows tighter, hot headed as Ghost Rider Cold hearted as Spiderman throwing a spider in the snow So you better get lower than Flo-rida Inside of a lowrider with no tires in the hole Why am I like this?

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Critics never got nothing nice to say, man You know the one thing I notice about critics, man, is Critics never ask me how my day went Well Imma tell 'em Blumentopf represented Bavaria in the Bundesvision Song Contestcoming in fourth place.

The band members themselves have learned instruments so they can play their songs.

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Mathers is the man Yeah I'm pissed but I would rather take this energy and stash it in a can Come back and whip your ass with it again Saliva's like sulfuric acid in your hand It'll eat through anything metal, the ass of Iron Man Turn him into plastic So for you to think that you could stand a fucking chance is asinine Yeah, ask Denaun man Hit a blind man with a coloring book and told him color inside the lines Or get hit with a flyin crayon, fuck it I ain't playing Pull up in a van and hop out at a homeless man Holding a sign saying: Raportage[ edit ] The term 'raportage' comes from the music style, rap, and the German word Reportage "report".

They expressed the importance of learning about the candidates and using their right to vote, emphasizing how little effort it really would take.

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The Raportagen were broadcast with video clips of the band, game and press conference footage, and other related video during Das Erste football coverage. Other songs can be placed in the conscious hip hop genre, commenting on current issues.

Blumentopf — Purer Stoff — lyrics

Blumentopf's first three albums have a very old school hip hop feel. This concept is consistent with Blumentopf's Storytelling style. Several songs also suggest that drugs and hip hop are not directly connected.

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One such song is Nur dass ihr wisst "Just so you know".