BOB Yak Plus Bike Trailer with Dry Sak: Baby BOB Yak Plus Bike Trailer with Dry Sak: Baby

Bob yak bike trailer hookup, performance comparison

This would be easier than trying to buy a dedicated touring bike with pannier racks and all the other specialty gear.

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This problem became apparent very quickly my love is dating someone else first time I used a trailer and then tried to stop at a coffee shop or a convenience store.

You only have to worry about making one bag waterproof. Low center of gravity keeps the weight off your bicycle frame for better handling and performance than racks and panniers. But if you put all that weight into one big bag, it can become very heavy.

Provides some protection from aggressive dogs.

BOB Yak Cargo Trailer + BOB Bag

Just do a Google Image search for loaded touring bikes on the road right now. They just offer a different way to carry that same amount of gear. I prefer touring bikes with waterproof panniers attached to sturdy touring racks.

I had Arkel rear bags, and they could not be placed on the back. The BOB Bag fastens into the trailer frame quickly and easily. It has a lot of great characteristics that make it a reliable and easy to use cargo bike trailer.

Our Verdict

Cyclists end up spending a lot of money on specialized gear that packs down small. In fact, unpacking a loaded touring bike by yourself can be quite the logistical challenge. It was hard enough finding room for just the bike.

The BOB attachment assembly interfered with them. Remove the wrong one, and the bike becomes unbalanced and topples over.

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You only have to worry about one bag. You can use a large dufffel bag or your own backpack. The bag itself is made from strong material with a big, durable zipper which goes the full extent around the top of the bag.

A constant puzzle for bike tourers is how to carry gear when you are OFF the bike.

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I felt safer using the trailer than I did when using pannier bags. And which bags do you leave unattended on the bike as you make two or three trips into the hotel to carry all the separate bags?

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However, each individual bag is light enough to carry easily. Then after the flight, you have to throw away those bags and buy new ones for the next flight.

It didn't score very highly in the overall smoothness of ride because when not carrying cargo the trailer tends to wobble and make a fair amount of noise. The rigid frame also makes them useful for carrying sharp and dangerous items like a load of firewood or equipment.

Performance Comparison The provided skewer and quick release connection makes the BOB Yak Plus easy to mount and dismount from your bike.

BOB YAK 28 PLUS Trailer for 26 / 28 Inch Wheels

Both trailers and pannier bags work just fine. Possible to purchase or use local bikes and keep travelling. The newer Arkel bags are much lighter. This was a big advantage particularly when it was raining.

It attaches to most bicycles' rear wheel hub, creating a low and stable center of gravity with excellent aerodynamics.

It adds a lot to peace of mind. For me, the number one concern right now is broken spokes. We stock these and they are SJSC part number This was an unexpected problem.

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This is much easier than having to worry about waterproofing lots of separate pannier bags especially if they are bags with lots of compartments and pockets. Trailer bags accept items of any shape or size or length.

Top 10 Bob Bike Trailers of - Best Reviews Guide

With a trailer, that last wheel is far away from your legs. The center of gravity at least in my case is much lower with a trailer and straddling the bike is no problem at all. The available volume of the trailer bag is all one in one compartment instead of being divided up over several pannier bags and lots of pockets.

And it takes a bit more care and effort to attach the BOB and detach it. Of course, you can deal with that problem by organzing your gear in lightweight stuff sacks, etc. This loss of traction can also be a problem when trying to brake while going downhill, particularly on loose gravel or stone.

The Bok Yak trailers are by far the best quality trailers available, but the price does reflect this.

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It is a large bag, but in essence it is no different from any other piece of luggage. It really set the standards for the rest to follow. At least they do in my case.

BOB Yak Review

The floor of the trailer is essentially the bottom of the duffel bag itself. I also ride very slowly even when going downhill.

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Simpler and more efficient. When camping for the night, you can flip the trailer over and use the rigid bottom as a cooking surface or a desktop.