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The water and sewer dump are up top and very difficult to back into. Nice and quiet even on a windy day. Bottom Fishing As the name of this technique suggests, bottom fishing is the most effective way to catch fish that feed near the bottom of the ocean, including Rockfish, Lingcod, Halibut, and Flounder.

This plateau roughly 20 miles offshore rises up from the seafloor thousands of feet below, drawing more than species of fish toward it.

Since this beach faces the open ocean, it gets battered by strong winds and the surf is too dangerous for swimming. The best time to hunt for these critters is around low tide, when they forage for food in the sand. It may lack the glamour of San Francisco, San Diego, and many other destinations on the west coast—but when it comes to fishing, this hot spot rivals the best of them.

There are no hook-ups but restrooms at both.

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There are also beach wheelchairs available so the physically challenged can get out and enjoy the beach. Nets and Crab snares are both effective.

No one was here when we came and still tight. July marks the height of local Salmon fishing, with lots of hook-ups and specimens reaching 20 lbs. Both private and state park RV campgrounds can be found. Shore anglers are better off fishing inside Tomales Bay.

At the mouth of the harbor sits Purcelusa pepa online dating Beach, perched at the northernmost tip of Bodega Bay.


It's just the right setting for a good old-fashioned clambake under the stars. And an impromptu trailhead terminated in our very site Grey whales are sometimes spotted as they make their way between Alaska and Baja California.

Nice facilities, not fancy but good. We were in a space with trees behind us so no sat but the cell service was good enough to stream. If you are fishing aboard a boat, however, please note that you cannot always fish for certain species. One of the biggest draws is Dungeness Crab.

Size limits apply to many species, including Crabs, so be sure to read more about local regulations online before your trip. It is the perfect place to let them get out in the water in search for shells that always seem to take on a special luster when wet.

You can find out more about local regulations online and feel free to ask a local park ranger for clarification before casting your line. You can usually expect the season for this fish to open by May.

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If the bottom, self-maintained no services sites are full when you arrive, you will have a very difficult time getting a big rig in.

Many groups come and reserve early. In summer, drifting Anchovies near the beach produces Halibut. This delicacy is open to harvest from November through July. Rinse your boat off at a special washing station. The site they gave me was a virtual wind tunnel The Tides restaurant, known in the area for its fresh seafood and for being the backdrop for the bar scene in "The Birds" is just over a mile away.

In summer, these are also prime fishing grounds for Salmon and Albacore Tuna. There are no hook-ups, but the trade-off is being right on the shore of Bodega Bay. This park is also a good choice for travelers who have the larger motor homes that won't fit in the county or state parks.

If you plan on fishing from a public pier, you do not need to buy a license. Though the currents and unpredictable surf action make this an unsafe swimming beach, the sands stretch for miles in either direction giving you plenty of room for jogging or a nice long walk. There are no RV hook-ups but there are restrooms and showers.

During the low tides of both spring and fall, day trippers and overnight campers put on their waders, grab their shovels and buckets and head out onto the mud flats. Plenty of room for my RV and could park my toad in front with no problem.

Halibut is open year-round, but there are exceptions in some years. In winter, low tide reveals gooey sand that is perfect for clamming. Bring shovels and pails and look for clams or just build a moat for your sand castle.

Bodega Bay Camping

There are no hook-ups but there are restrooms, picnic tables, fire rings and water faucets. Anglers fishing by boat experience great success when targeting offshore Salmon near here, especially in late summer when they catch pounders. Anglers head here to catch Chinook King Salmon, which is open to harvest from spring through fall.

Need to Know Bodega Bay fishing charters do not include fishing licenses. No tv reception in the cheap seats. Some campsites are on the very edge of the sand. You do not need a license when crabbing from a public pier.

Anglers find this natural barrier between the bay and the ocean to be especially productive. Bottom fishing for these species is excellent about 25 miles north, off the coast of Fort Ross. There are no designated campsites; all campers just find a place to park in one of the open grassy areas.

Bodega bay camping

Surf Fishing You can catch a wide variety of species while fishing from jetties, rocks, piers, and the shore. The sewer hose connections are all on the uphill side of your rig and are practically even or even higher than many rigs' discharge.

By August, Salmon are scarce, and many anglers turn their attention toward Rockfish and Lingcod. Launch your boat on the ramp, clean your catch at a designated station, then have it for dinner that night.

Other species such as Rock, Red, Yellow, and Slender Crab also skitter about, and you can catch these year-round. Tight tight spaces so you need to be a good driver.

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Still, it's a nice little park. Verizon worked well so we used our hot spot. In April and May, you can catch fish weighing lbs. Today the area is popular with visitors wanting to fish, stroll beaches, kayak, surf, play golf and just enjoy the wild California coast.