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The soldiers followed the orders of their officers and shot volley after volley, point blank, into the crowds. Marshall reported to the press that the riots had been Communist—inspired and as such were an extension to the Western Hemisphere of the tactics of subversion and violence that the Soviet Union was employing in Europe.

A mob gutted the main floor of the Capitola Nacional, disrupting the deliberations of the Ninth International Conference of American States and forcing Secretary of State Marshall and the other delegates to take cover.

But it was the assassination of the one that turned on the dreadful violence of the other. Most of the hardware stores were raided, especially in San Victorino district.

The Panama Canal is vital to our security.

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But not before several thousand Colombians had been killed. The recently organized Central Intelligence Agency in particular was rebuked for having provided no warning of this "South American Pearl Harbor. This was a period of endemic wrangling between State and CIA.

The Department said that Secretary Marshall had known of these warnings before his departure, and had brushed them bogotazo yahoo dating with "salty remarks," stressing that it was "quite ridiculous to suppose that the twenty-one American republics should even consider being intimidated by the protestations of one kind or another from Communists, or anyone else.

Eventually they asked for a military escort, and successfully reached the palace.

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Knowing what goes on in the world is just as important as knowing how to handle it. State, moreover, was now subjected to criticism from Brown for not having called off the conference after being warned by CIA of pending disorders.

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The Truman administration was already under attack from its Republican adversaries for, among other things, being inept and naive in the ways of combatting Communism. Some formerly disputed aspects of the affair seem clear in retrospect; other aspects remain or have become murky.

Stokes, in the St. They were confronted by the Army, and many were killed. The story—of explanations, charges, and countercharges complete with release of classified information—became the lead item in major newspapers around the country on 16 April.

Officials at State made the same claim. He rebuked his critics by stating that CIA bad known of "unrest in Colombia" and of the "possibility of violence and outbreak aimed primarily at embarrassing the American delegation and its leaders," and that this information had been transmitted to officials of the State Department.

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Thus, Hillenkoetter may have raised the issue of interference to spark congressional support for the Agency's position. Some policemen joined the mobs. Brown let it be known that he intended to call first Admiral Roscoe H.

Fidel Castro, then 22 years old, happened to be one of them. By dawn, much of the city was devastated. After that, the doors were charged and the man was taken by the mob.

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Without question the Communists were conspiring to embarrass and discredit the Conference, and they were quick to seize the opportunity afforded by the outbreak of violence. The bogotazo thus appears to have been one event—perhaps a pivotal early event that led to a strong emphasis in reporting upon "beating the newspapers" on any story of crisis involving Communists.

Some Communists were able to raise the Soviet banner over the town hall of Barranquilla. The passage of two decades is a mixed blessing in this undertaking by one who was not a participant. The mobs that attacked the Capitolio were looking for Laureano though they were also shouting anti-US slogans.

This period is commonly known as La Violencia"The Violence"during which approximatelypeople died. This would of course have taken place late in March.


The Major in charge, Benicio Arce Vera, came out unarmed to plead with the crowd, and gave orders not to shoot. Many were killed over struggles for stolen goods. These talked of Communist plans to demonstrate against and block the progress of the conference.

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He was himself of humble origin and mixed blood. The Eberhart report to the Hoover Commission i. In terms of both radio time and street leadership the bogotazo was mostly a gaitanista affair.

Break into the hardware stores and take the dynamitegunpowdertools, machetes In the period before Aprilthe Conservatives, with help as we have indicated from army and police, had been getting the best of it.