Boom Beach - How To Attack High Level Bases - Vídeo Dailymotion Boom Beach - How To Attack High Level Bases - Vídeo Dailymotion

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The weapons can be fired anywhere inside the highlighted battle area. Figure 2 Figure 3 In the bottom center area of the screen, there will be a single button for your Heroif you have unlocked any.

Boom Beach - How To Attack High Level Bases

We will go over some key factors and strategy for landing your units. Rush medals Everyone loves to fight against bases a lot! Best Hooka pushing gameplay!

Originally Posted by Supercell Never assume anything. Rushing headquarters will maximize your progress and you can constantly upgrade both offense and defense.

RZM Back Once Again! – Tough High Level Bases | Boom Beach

Having higher probability to carry out your raids and playing frequently yields better resource return most of the time. Get a free strategy They destroy while restoring their HP. Combine and use all the battle actions when needed is the best attacking strategy.

This means that your units land on the beach first depending on where your ships land, dating daisy folge 4138 they march toward the blue summon point. Ultimate tutorial for everything Heroes!

Protecting headquarters is a must. If I got anything wrong then tell me, looking forward to helping out boomers!

Boom Beach - How To Attack High Level Bases

Learn when to tap that retreat button to recover your units. This button takes you to the attack. In attacks, players use their forces to attempt to destroy an enemy base.

From left to right: Hide the statues If you hide the statues then your enemies can't tell what boosts you have, this can create major advantages for you and disadvantages for opponents.

Try hiding it behind trees or possibly buildings. If the island conquered is a Resource Baseyou will gain control of it. There is something called energy points in a battle.

If you don't then you are going to have a bad time! If you enjoy and want your name in the banner please check out my Patreon here: Don'ts in Boom Beach! In the bottom right area of the screen, there will be one button for each Gunboat weapon that you have unlocked.

Tapping an island will present two options Figure 1: Attacks can be started by tapping an island on the Archipelago map that has an enemy base on it. You will win defenses like that.

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Upgrade your units with Armory and load up your units with your land crafts, and better yet always make sure that your number of landing crafts are maxed per your level. Iphone, Android, iPad Go to this page! The color of the timer corresponds to the weapon type Figure 5.

Now about not protecting non-defensive buildings. Matchmaking depends on how often you attack, so don't worry about that. If you just rely on one single battle action, you probably will do poorly with your attacks.

Best Boom Beach gameplay, update news, mega crab gameplay and amazing base designs Local Leaderboard here we come! This is crucial especially if enemies have their wide range defenses that cover the beach. Timing Depending on which buildings that your units encounter first, you need to time your drops.

This is the only way to win any rewards from the attack, or in the case of a Resource Base to capture it for yourself. Put headquarters almost to the end always Your foes can only put troops in a small area, the sand area.

This is currently the most popular strategy among high level players. Exceptions are Power Bases and Colonel Gearheart 's War Factory, where you can earn partial rewards for destroying part of an enemy base.

It makes an A. The attack timer shows the amount of time that you have left in the attack. Figure 2 Tapping anywhere inside the highlighted area will place a small flag and launch the Landing Craft.

Boom Beach episode 5!

Boom Beach - How To Attack High Level Bases |

A properly stacked medkit plus well planned path can help you take down any enemy defenses. Best Boom Beach gameplay, attack strategies and amazing base If you leave out offense, you will suffer facing big opponents, and stealing loot and medals.

After being fired, each Gunboat weapon will take some time to reach its destination depending on how far that destination is from the Gunboat so it is important to time your Weapon launch. You will slow yourself down if you do not do so.

The only exception to this rule is that if you can combine the offensive actions such as the Barrage or Artillery to quickly take out trouble buildings. Focus on offense more than defense Offense takes a big play in this game, you need to focus on offense more than defense.

Put headquarters outside This is not Clash of Clans at all! You generally need Rifleman as cannon fodders to absorb the heavy damage from those single target defenses.