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So what to do if you find yourself prematurely back on the shelf? More likely, I would head to the myriad dating websites and spend my evenings scrolling through pages of wannabe Casanovas, whose credentials may or may not match their claims.

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If everything is rosy, they are permitted to set up another meeting. They want to meet someone and, at the end of the day, they just have to jump in with both feet. Let confetti be scattered.

Giving you the tools attract the love you desire!

But at what point does she step back to let nature take its course? People can be short-term motivated, particularly gentlemen, so it often takes an event to get them to act.

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They are all professional people from similar backgrounds and with certain lifestyle aspirations, and all of them are looking for a long-term partner.

Oh, hang on a minute, the report also mentionsdivorces in that very same year.

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Sharing a meal is a more intimate experience that can be saved for later dates 4 Aim for minutes. Bowes-Lyon aims to take the stress and desperation out of finding love, pairing people who have been deemed a good match by Hayley and her four-strong team.

And you never know that until they meet. Time, perhaps, to take a deep breath and call in the professionals.

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We take the feedback and move on. Perhaps more importantly though, such a hefty price tag brings with it a high calibre of clientele.

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Inevitably though, not every date goes to plan. Rejection is a part of dating. Time, surely, to call Hayley and prepare to meet your match. As a dating safety net, we make sure they feel comfortable and confident. Matched couples receive strict instructions not to contact each other following their initial rendezvous.


I still have an email from a gentleman who said he was going to marry a certain lady after they had been on their first date. Put the champagne back on ice: We do the legwork.

But I told him to relax and gave him a few suggestions to get the conversation started. And this was a man who led international meetings. Looking for more romantic local stories? We have clients of varying status, different levels of wealth, but they are all in the same boat.

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Although the long-term goal is serious, the process of dating should be fun.