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I think Liu can attract a man her age — even younger. What an ignorant thing to say. Why should color and ethnicity be such an issue? Diliana von Bork He is beautiful. Well what can I say. Being too good has nothing to do with it, they are both individuals in a cosmopolitan city.

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Shut up ignorant troll. Thanks for the laughs.

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Thus closing the distance to exist as one. Sever, a critical and box office failure.

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Even if she flipped the pull so that it repels, the field of magnetization would find its opposite attraction. He looks very old, but he is interesting. Death bellOct 5, Close off the Sony now to see where five terrorists are posing as clean desk and camera men.

You people sicken me.

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Lisa will be you, if you hit ish and are not married. Even when one is totally unsuspecting that Love will take place.

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Usually, they are stuck on Caucasians, and they actually avoid members of their own race like the plague. In high school, Braun herself began collecting plants for study, the beginning of a huge personal herbarium that she assembled over her lifetime, composed of 11, specimens.

Wow, where does that come from?

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Wtf Wow woody allen looks different. Nice way to be implicitly racist. Lui happens to view this, or actually you guys tell her about it.

Thats what I feel is in your heart. Liu also starred with Antonio Banderas in Ballistic: He must be good. She also conducted extensive field studies with her sister who was an entomologist. If color blind, they should be open to decompile c exe online dating ANY person they find attractive, but few people do that.

She also had minor roles as Kitty Baxter in the film Chicago and as a psychologist opposite Keira Knightley in the thriller Domino. She did one commercial. I guess she is too good to date Asians and he is too good for a Caucasian.

You know what I mean. However, I still think she could do a lot better than some old white guy. By my opinion shes is one of the most beautiful woman on Television these day.

Braun also fought to conserve natural areas and set up nature reservesparticularly in her home state. Elementary is an American Sherlock Holmes adaption, and the role Liu was offered is traditionally played by men. They set up a laboratory and experimental garden at their shared home; she was never married.

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Anyone judging her is way off the mark. Sam Lucy Liu dating Gandalf! Braun went on to become an assistant in teaching both geology and biology, and eventually became professor emeritus of plant ecology at the University of Cincinnati.

They purchased a car in and used to travel around the East Coaststudying the environment. God, sometimes I wonder why in these days and age people are still so racist. I like attractive men.

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Free country, thank God she can date whomever she wants, no matter the ethnicity. Deep inside, so many of them believe the lie that white means better….

In Marchshe was cast as Joan Watson for Elementary. I want her to know that I Love her heart. Keep your offensive comments to yourself. She looks good and she has a nice, fit body. I thought Lucy is pretty wealthy herself. View all comments 38 constantiene Jun 10, Whoever is able to update this page may want to see if they can dig up anything on her rumoured new boyfriend!

She also has played police officer Jessica Tang on Southland, a television show focusing on the lives of police officers and detectives in Los Angeles as a recurring guest actor during the fourth season. And a gold digger like most yellow race women…. JBella Sep 1, I love it when entertainers sincerely make the world better in their free time.

Why are you all making such a racial issue? Im not sorry traycee He is good looking for an older guy.

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She made her producer debut and also starred in a remake of Charlie Chan, which had been planned as early as Although she had originally tried out for only a supporting part, Liu was cast in the lead role. Love has a way of compelling one to do that which appears impossible to those who oppose.

She died in her home at age 81 of congestive heart failureand is buried in Cincinnati with her parents and sister. Maybe he has money??? Inshe starred in an ABC comedy-drama, Cashmere Mafia, which ended after one abbreviated season.

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What are you talking about? She earned a PhD in botany and became the sixth woman to earn a PhD from the University of Cincinnati ; her sister was the first. These field studies mainly focused on the flora of the Appalachian Mountains and in Adams County, Ohio and largely contributed to her most famous book.

That makes a difference.