- Disturbing Footage of Utoya Victims on Shoreline - Disturbing Footage of Utoya Victims on Shoreline

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Breivik said he was deliberately using "technical" language as a way to keep his composure.

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They cannot run," he said. The people in the next room screamed loudly. None of them did so, though they might have wished they had.

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He said he "absolutely" understood why his testimony was horrifying to others. Two minutes later they took over a civilian boat that was sent to assist them.

It was then, before the news of an arrest broke, a clearly emotional Stoltenberg had tyredating sas Dalen was helping from land [] while Hansen and a neighbour camper made several trips to rescue people in the water.

Another man to his left put a comforting hand to his shoulder. The statement of support came as diplomats sought to check whether any British nationals were caught up in the carnage.

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They are in Afghanistan and were involved in Libya, but it's far too soon to draw any conclusions. He said he had envisaged the most important attack as being the Oslo bombing, but Utoeya "became the most important attack when the government building did not collapse" as planned.

In Friday's testimony, he said he had arrived on the island dressed as a policeman, and told security officials at the camp he had been posted there following the bombings in the capital.

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Teenagers on the Norwegian holiday island of Utoya had to 'swim for their lives' and hide in trees when the gunman fired indiscriminately at them Massacre: Since the shooting, 16 regional support groups and a national organisation have been set up to help families of the victims.

Social tensions within Norway have heightened in recent months over the country's perceived stance on Islamic issues.

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Beforehand, Breivik revealed how he took to the internet to learn how to carry out a bombing-and-shooting rampage, studying attacks by al Qaida, Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh and the bombing of the World Trade Centre.

The anti-terror police reached the meeting point at The camp is organised there every summer [79] and was attended by approximately teenagers.

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Hundreds of children were at a summer camp, which is held every year as pictured here on the island of Utoya Trick: People are seen on the banks of Utoya after the shooting - the Daily Mail has pixelated this image to avoid causing distress It came as Norway succumbed to a double attack in what is being described as the worst atrocity it has faced since the Second World War.

If found insane, he would be committed to psychiatric care for as long as he's considered ill. Breivik's first two victims were Monica Boesei, one of the organisers of the camp, and off-duty police officer Trond Berntsen, who was on Utoya as a security guard.

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In additional points, Breivik: I could hear him breathe, I could feel the warmth from the machine gun. Debris covers the area outside a building in the centre of Oslo with hundreds of windows shattered John Drake, senior risk consultant at London-based consultancy AKE, said: Earlier the year-old said he was normally a nice person but had shut off his emotions to carry out the attacks.

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I called my dad, I just told him: I have seen the corpses of my friends. Shortly after the first shot was fired, nine people were leaving the island on the ferry, among them the AUF leader Eskil Pedersen. He approached, two metres away.

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He said he would kill us all and everyone shall die. Still, he recalled some of the shootings in great detail, including inside a cafe building were he mowed down his young victims as they pleaded for their lives.

I think of all the relatives.

Anders Breivik describes Norway island massacre

It was extremely frightening. We had heard about the bomb in Oslo and had been gathering to discuss it, because of course some people had families in Oslo and were worried," said Adrian Pracon, one of the camp organisers. I cried and a woman hugged me. State Department spokeswoman, said Washington was monitoring the situation but did not have any word of U.