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He starts bridget moynahan colin farrell dating evaluated and trained at the Farma CIA training facility, in skills that would be needed by agents. Apr 28, Birthplace: When the CIA comes to arrest Clayton for Zack's death, Burke, believing that he is finally caught, rails about his dissatisfaction with his career.

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Dancing to Prince songs was as just about as demanding as her audition for Coyote Ugly got, and the energetic actress was soon kicking her heels on the bar-top in the free-spirited film.

She played the title characters mother in Ramona and Beezus before taking a regular role in the procedural drama Blue Bloods.

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During one of the exercises Clayton and Moore are kidnapped. Burke realizes too late that Clayton did not have the time to set up the Spartacus software and that the agents were targeting Clayton until he made his speech.

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Senior CIA instructor Walter Burke attracts Clayton's interest in the agency by saying that his father worked for the agency. Clayton fires his gun at the back window of the car to verify what Burke has said and when the window bursts Clayton knows that Burke is lying.

It can hijack nearby computers through a wireless network. Clayton escapes long enough to set up a laptop and load the "Spartacus" software with the intent to broadcast Burke's confession. It wasn't long before she began to seek more of her career, and after making an impression on Sex and the City, Moynahan appeared in small roles in such features as In the Weeds and Trifling With Fate both Clayton reports back to Burke, who congratulates Clayton on passing the final test.

Clayton pursues Moore and confronts her about what he knows is going on. Born in Binghamton, NY, and raised in Longmeadow, MA, the soccer-playing youngster soon favored preserving her looks as she began gracing the pages of some of the most-respected fashion magazines in the industry.

He is tortured by men that say Moore is also being tortured.

Bridget Moynahan

He then draws his gun, forcing the agents to kill him. The program trainees have seen the torture exercise Clayton was subjected to on closed-circuit television. In the van, Assistant Director of Operations Dennis Slayne makes a comment suggesting that Clayton's father was an NOC agent when he died, and Clayton now realizes that some of Burke's statements had in fact been true.

Clayton finds out that the contact is Zack, another trainee and non-official cover. The torture stops when Clayton is about to give up identities of people associated with the farm.

Colin Farrell & Bridget Moynahan

Clayton responds by demanding to know why Zack was killed. Plot[ edit ] When James Clayton was young his father was killed in in a Peruvian plane crash for unknown reasons.

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Clayton finds that Moore is taking the software offsite on a USB flash drive hidden in a secret compartment in her coffee pot. Clayton is confused but eventually accepts what Moore has said. The trainees are cautioned that the lesson to be learned from it is that they should not be caught. Moore consoles Clayton before he rides back with the agents for debriefing.

Binghamton, New York Setting the silver screen ablaze with her memorable moves in Coyote Ugly and getting small-screen laughs with her role as Mr.

Colin Farrell

When the contact fires at Clayton, shots are returned that kill him. A software program he has helped developed is called "Spartacus". Clayton watches Moore as she passes a note to her contact, and then he follows the contact through Union Station.

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He comes in contact with another trainee, Layla Moore. Having incriminated himself, he reiterates that he was an excellent recruiter, having correctly determined that Clayton was CIA material.

Burke tries to pass off the killing as staged since Clayton's gun was loaded with blanks. Moynahan returned to television and starred in the short-lived Six Degrees.

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Inshe had a supporting role in the Keanu Reeves action film John Wick. Clayton finds that she is removing the software program in pieces. Burke makes contact with Clayton and shares with him his suspicion that Moore is a sleeper and that Burke is hoping the friendship between Clayton and Moore can be used to catch her.

Bridget Moynahan and Colin Farrell in ‘The Recruit’

Moore tells him that she is a CIA agent assigned to see if the software she sought could be removed from Headquarters. In college, Clayton has computer interests and analytical skills that when he goes job hunting are sought by industry and government.

The agents conclude that Burke is the real traitor and instruct the officers on site to target him instead.