Brie Bella Vs Summer Rae Brie Bella Vs Summer Rae

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They began to manage Bryan, frequently accompanying him to the ring. The following week on SmackDown, Brie picked up a win against Victoria and then ran under the ring to escape Natalya and Victoria, but Victoria and Natalya both reached for Brie under the ring, resulting in both Nicole and Brie being pulled out.

Brie Bella to Confront Summer Rae on Total Divas

Brie and Nikki became babyfaces due to Naomi's heel turn on April 13, leading to a feud between Nikki and Naomi. They then resumed their feud with Neidhart and Crawford, wrestling them throughout much of They would then enter into a storyline where they pursued Alberto Del Rio.

On the July 21 edition of Raw, Brie returned as a fan in attendance during her sister's handicap match, and was slapped on the face by Stephanie during a confrontation.

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At the contract signing on August thermoluminescence dating limitations of qualitative research, both Brie and Nikki were attacked by Stephanie, who delivered her husband's Pedigree to both Bellas.

The following week, Nikki defeated Jillian after switching with Brie. The match instead took place the following night on Raw, with Tons of Funk and The Funkadactyls emerging victorious. She played soccer up until college, when they started modeling, acting, and doing promotional work.

The Bella Twins were scheduled to participate in an eight-person tag team match with Team Rhodes Scholars against Tons of Funk Brodus and Tensai and The Funkadactyls at WrestleMania 29, but the match was cancelled due to time restraints.

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A submission match was picked and Nikki lost after tapping out to a Boston crab. In their first singles match, on the March 31 episode of ECW, Brie was defeated by her heel twin sister in a singles match.

On the following week, Brie attacked Daniel Bryan's physical therapist, Megan Miller, after Stephanie had Miller reveal that she had a kayfabe affair with Bryan, and later applied the "Yes Lock" to Stephanie. Later in the program, Brie was arrested by Stephanie after Miller filed assault charges.

This storyline was reportedly used to facilitate the expiration of their contracts, which the twins had decided not to renew. They also occasionally competed in mixed tag team matchesteaming with male wrestlers including Kofi Kingston and Robert Anthony.

The prank was that Kelly was "Pregnant". Nikki attacked Naomi and eventually threw Brie the legal woman out of the ring and pin Naomi.

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Later in the program, Brie had Stephanie arrested for assault. Following the match, they attacked Eve backstage before Gail Kim and Natalya made the save. Following Bryan's win, Nikki ran out and the two fought over Bryan's affection only to have Bryan break it up and have both of them hug each other.

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Brie won her first match over Nikki in a six-person intergender tag team match on the March 27 episode of SmackDown.

During the match, Hall attacked both twins, but lost the match when Nikki made a fast count, allowing her to be pinned by Gail Kim. After the match, Mick Foley confronted Brie and told her that she have the opportunity to kiss a Superstar of her choice between now and Christmas.

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As a result, Brie maintained her villainous persona while Nikki briefly acted as a face. On the April 27 episode of Raw, Brie made her Raw in-ring debut in an eight-Diva tag team match, which her team won. She continued to be at ringside during Nikki's successful title defenses against the AJ Lee and later Paige, which led to a feud between the two teams.

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On June 29,they were both traded to the ECW brand. As Morrison and The Miz were scheduled to have a match against Carlito and Primo that night, a stipulation was added that the winning team would win a date with The Bellas on Valentine's Day.

After the match, both of The Bellas attacked Kelly until Eve Torres came to the rescue, throwing both Bellas out of the ring. During their date, Primo and Carlito were disguised as waiters and tried to sabotage the date, resulting in The Bellas getting angry with the two.

Alicia Fox later allied with the twins to form Team Bella.

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During the prank The Bellas came out and they were on about "their own little secret". The following night on Raw, they competed in their last match with the WWE, failing to win back the Divas Championship from Layla in a triple threat match.

They also made some non-wrestling appearances on Heath Miller's Happy Hour promo segment.

Brie Bella to Confront Summer Rae on Total Divas -

Brie started to explain to Jerry to then be interrupted by Nikki who shouted "Brie is a man! In each match Brie would roll out of the ring and go underneath it, emerging and appearing revived, and then win the match.

On the September 14 episode of Raw, Nikki defended the Divas Championship against Charlotte, who pinned Brie after the twins had switched places to win the match, however, since the title cannot change hands by disqualification, Nikki retained the championship, and in the process, became the new longest reigning Divas Champion in history, surpassing AJ Lee's previous record of days.

As soon as Nikki turned back to face her sister.

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They then participated in the "International Body Doubles twins search".