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Perhaps now we have seen his face we can focus upon whether he is an artist or a common vandal with a talent for using a spray can. And what a load of gush the story is; someone at the Post this morning must have very wet undercrackers: A neighbour told the Post: After years of hiding behind a full-face balaclava his identity is revealed.

With his loss of anonymity has gone much of his mystique. So the graffiti artist Banksy is unmasked. And the people responsible for it are nothing more than vandals.

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Police believed that he had been attacked by at least two men at Temple Meads station car park. Someone like Banksy has to understand that and take responsibility for it. For graffiti spawns graffiti and there is no guarantee of its calibre. He set up the Apple computer company in with Steve Wozniak and served as chairman untilreturning in as CEO.

Other times he would be with his wife. Now the yuppies can enjoy spending their fantasy money, earned in non-jobs, by showing themselves on their boats and sitting in the latest restaurant …before returning to the office on Monday to pull off the greatest ever export deal in chocolate-coated potato crisps to the Peruvians.

But this exhibition will be the greatest gift he could have presented to his home city.

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They deface the world around them, they make our environment a poorer place, not a better one. They were showermate universal 2.6 bar single people wary of telling the Post about their news or their successes.

Many of his most iconic pieces of graffiti have become landmarks in Bristol — from the distinctive Mild, Mild West mural in Stokes Croft, to the naked adulterer apparently hanging from a window on the wall of a sexual health clinic in Park Street. But he was never seen alive again. No one should shy away from coming down hard on these people.

He occasionally visited the British Rail social club near the station, sometimes accompanied bristol evening post dating his wife. This is obviously philistine bollocks; defining art by its cash value or its celebrity endorsements.

Then a bloodstained Lancia, later identified as belonging to Yendell, was spotted by a security man parked at a strange angle near the docks. Speaking exclusively to the Bristol Evening Post, Banksy said: When they have identified the people responsible then it is crucial that they are prosecuted.

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Suspiciously the car was unlocked and the keys were in the ignition. Camrose had agreed to close his Bristol title in return for Rothermere's agreement to close his title in Newcastleleaving Bristol with just one paper. The then manager; Terry Lewis, told reporters: It moved to another wharf off Hotwell popularly "Hotwells" Road and spent some years there before finally moving to Avonmouth.

As police frogmen searched the 14ft deep, murky waters of the Welsh Back harbourside on the afternoon of September 12,hopes were gradually fading that year-old Withywood man Mark Yendell would be found alive. Bristol is a city, unitary authority area and ceremonial county in South West England, west of London, and east of Cardiff.

Anothen unnamed man, was also arrested. They are not artists, they are just thugs with spray cans who have found a way to put two-fingers up to society and it is about time society hit back. In January the press hall at its Temple Way headquarters was demolished.

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It certainly makes me grateful to live in a post-industrial, service-based economy. Readers of the Times and Echo were instrumental in founding the Evening Post, which carried the rubric "The paper all Bristol asked for and helped to create".

For the six weeks that we were together I was very happy I will be bitter for the rest of my life that he has been taken away from me.

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For he thrived on the majority of us not knowing who he was. Talented he may be and some are willing to pay ludicrous prices for his work but by his own definition he is a vandal. The motive, at one time thought to be homosexual was unclear and there were no suspects.

With them gone, the way was clear to turn the quays over to leisure craft, with lots of lovely income from berthing fees.

And that means on walls, buildings, shops, pavements and bridges. The Faces of Evil front page, with its black faces ranged in rows like slaves held in cages, cemented that view.

People living on nearby houseboats seemed unable to offer any assistance. In Northcliffe made 36 staff redundant, and unsuccessfully sought a purchaser for the Bristol Evening Post and Western Daily Press. This was understood to contain a substantial amount of money.

Mrs Yendell had, apparently only just returned to her husband after they had been separated for about a year. And the same Evening Post which in said: The bitter man, who dismissed the allegations against him as "rubbish" said: The website was relaunched as Bristol Live in April Raising an aerosol in the name of art may be a way of celebrating free speech but it has a damaging impact on the environment.

History[ edit ] The Evening Post was founded in by local interests, in response to an agreement between the two national press groups which owned the then two Bristol evening newspapers, Lord Rothermereowner of the Bristol Evening World, and Baron Camroseowner of the Bristol Times and Echo.

But who had done this terrible thing?

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That evening he never arrived. Apparently it is fitted throughout with pseudo-Georgian panelled doors. He denied the charge and was remanded on bail.

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Of course, as Banksy has become more popular, famous, rich and establishment, the Post have gradually come around to appreciating his art.

Bristol City Council deserves great credit for its plans to tackle graffiti.

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At that time the paper had a circulation ofThe South African-born man finished work at Temple Meads at about this time and normally went straight home to see her and their two-year-old daughter Alexandra. Last night Twitter was burning up with Tweets revealing the venue to be the City Museum and a local blogger actually managed to get a sneak a picture through a gap in a door.

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With an estimated population offor the unitary authority inan industrial city and port in southwestern England near the mouth of the River Avon An industrial city and township in west central Connecticut; pop. So let us not make any exceptions. Nor by those who hold up the likes of Banksy and claim him as a great artist.

Banksy has sneaked his biggest ever UK exhibition into Bristol. We even have a world exclusive in publishing a picture of the outlandish installation that will greet the hundreds of thousands of art lovers who are likely to descend on the city through the summer from around the world.