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Unfortunately it looks more like someone uncomfortable having their name associated with such a controversial project. Where does that leave us?

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As of this writing the developers list has been changed to only include 3 people, Psychoactive Charm the man in the suitMichael Harms the person of record for the campaignand the aforementioned Virgo Hiroshima no record of which could be found online.

Browse these pages for many exciting looks for your wardrobe and fantastic accessories to show the world your love and appreciation for the My Little Pony gang. This could just be someone sick of hearing about the Dark Skyes controversy, or tired of being harassed by brony dating site kickstarter games. I've asked my co-workers at NASA and none of them can figure it out either.

As it stands now the new screenshots should not give a lot of confidence that the developer s can deliver.

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April 3, As a father of an autistic brony I find myself shaking my head at this. He says in part: Another part of me is concerned that this is just a cynical exercise trying to exploit the vulnerability and judgement of MLP fans. Then it's lawyers all the way down. I don't know who to trust or believe.

Is Dark Skyes The Latest Kickstarter Scam? Updated 3/30 - Cliqist

Friendship Is Magic," our magical unicorns are now a worldwide phenomenon. We have great shirts and hoodies for Brony juniors, too. Then Sam released the following video.

Vote Rainbow Dash for president, or attract the attention of male Bronies and turn heads with our My Little Pony tank top.

Equestria Gaming: Two Bronies Kickstarting a Video Game Animation Tool

One of them posted this to Twitter: Some sketches of My Little Pony style ponies, some basic video editing tricks, and some terrible, terrible voice acting. Either you recognize Dark Skyes as a prank that will result in a funny piece of gag software at bestor you believe that this entire situation is a orchestrated takedown of Michael Harms legitimate attempt to make a MLP game.

After animated specials, a feature-length film and animated television series like the wildly popular "My Little Pony: For when it's cold outside, we have warm hoodie sweatshirts.

As soon as this revelation hit, a whole bunch of new Kickstarter accounts with pony avatars were created by people who tried to mindlessly shout completely vapid praise of the project and defend it with a complete lack of logic.

Kickstarter TV *4* [ғɪɴᴀʟ]: the end of KSTV? And DARK SKYES, an EPIC brony dating sim!

You need help Sam. That's what makes it a scam.

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You still have time to reach out and seek aid from a professional. It all began in with Hasbro's adorable My Little Pony toys. Now I don't know what to think.

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What do they have to do with the Dark Skyes campaign? Sorry for not being stupid and popping your balloon, Sam.

Bronies are male viewers and fans over the age of 12 who like "My Little Pony."

I think i just fel- Yes, i definately just felt my soul die. You might not be able to control the skies like Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, but weather-watchers out there will enjoy our Cloudsdale Weather Factory T-shirt. No voice acting yet? Friendship Is Magic" shows and more.

$7,500 funding goal

In a few years, that will be a lawyer, if you are not already at that point. The picture on the phone is from the Dark Skyes Kickstarter page and is the person identified as Virgo Hiroshima.

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Maybe you thought that this scam would give you enough money to dig yourself out that hole you made. April 1, How long do you think you can keep going Sam?

I guess we'll know the true answer in 52 hours.

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The repeating of backgrounds, and default Photoshop fonts and graphics is also a concern, but does not necessarily point to a scam. On March 11th Pukey posted the following entry to their DeviantArt journal: You certainly don't have the money now - you're begging for food on your channel.

Sam posted about the kickstarter for this on an MLP site, and the terminology he used made it really apparent that he had no idea what he was doing.

It's not gonna hit the kickstarter amount so I guess all the money is going to be returned anyway: The unwillingness to show the Alpha, or even portions of it, is troubling. The schemes that don't work out, again and again.