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Greetings,Dear Customer, we are sorry, the prices are fixed. Gerrit R 2, Published in: You can go for small or medium size breed like mini- pomeranian, beagle, pug etc.

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If you need an ideal dog for your children, do consider a Labrador puppy for sale, the playful and gentle nature of this dog making him more than suitable. Labs have a double coat which sheds seasonally. BASHA he will provide you the total information.

Puppies for Sale

Greetings Please contact our boss MD. Millions of Americans have chosen the even tempered, easily trained, loving and loyal Labrador Retriever as a pet.

The Labrador Retriever is the ideal sporting dog as well as the ultimate family pet. Greetings, Dear Customer, The prices are fixed, we deal only in good quality assured breeds.

Puppies for Sale

Is you became agree with it. Seeing-Eye Dogs, drug-sniffing dogs, as therapy dogs. We will contact you. The coat of a Labrador is short and sleek, so it will be very easy to take care of it. Please only serious buyers please.

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Alright, can you tell me the age of the labs you have. Checks its health and breed quality. Unregistered both parents registered and on site for viewing. Asked by Surjyakanta Dash. We cannot send the puppy before payment.

Top quality lab puppies available

Contact Roelien for viewing at whatsapp only. And how old a fawn lab pup will i be getting if i order one now? And you can get with papers, but the cost may vary.

Puppy has been vet checked, 3x inoculations including rabies done, multiple dewormings done and microchip already implanted. For more information, contact Monique Uys R 3, Published in: Every adult and child love this dog breed due to their easy going nature.

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Please tell us the city you reside. Within the breed there are two distinct types. How old is the Labrador pup??

BASHA he will give you the total details. I need a puppy which will remain small all its life Possible to forward snap of same puppy?? Mom brown and Dad black are not registered. Mother and father on premises to view.


They will have their Vet-card. Mom brouwn and Dad Black not regertered. I am interested in buying a golden brown labrador.

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I 1 chocolate female left Contact Vernon Email address, teya. What should be the cost for the same? He will give the total details. The most popular coat color is golden yellow, followed by black.