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Bububu dating s4 active,

Almost instantly the phone screen went black and said dock mode was enabled so I took the phone out of the water and everything went back to normal. I bought the Active on Thursday.

So please listen to my warning. I did not tell a soul what happened and went back to work and swapped it for a regular Galaxy S4. I then submerged the phone in the tank while taking the video.

I then opened the USB door and it was like a fountain, so that's where the breach happened. This is where everything went wrong.

I just chalked it up to the phone doing crazy things in the water. She was very vague when the water question came up but I thought nothing of it. It was sunny outside so I thought it was the perfect time to reshoot the fish tank video. First off I want to start this off buy saying a few things.

The flimsy, rubber USB door. The first thing we are trained on is how to properly close the back cover and how to show the customers Aqua mode to take pictures underwater.

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I double checked the USB rubber to be sure. About 2 minutes later the phone started tweaking out, Google now opened on its own and the buttons were really sensitive. The first thing I did with it was ensure the back was closed and made a video in my fish tank so I could show customers how it works underwater, and how good aqua mode is.

I have read almost everywhere that the phone will say headphones are plugged in, etc.


In this time I had a customer swap out the phone they bought because it were defective, the bottom buttons stopped working on it. That worked out perfectly except the video was a little dark, so I figured I would retake it.

Here is my story. We actively use this as a main selling point, this is per Samsung.

I even played back the video and it was fully working. I opened the battery cover and there it was, everything was soaked. Then the buttons completely stopped working other than the power button and that's when I freaked out. So I thought this was normal.

S4 and bububu confirmed dating

I then put it back in and took a minute long video. Also, before anyone says well, you aren't really supposed to be using it in the water, you are wrong. Samsung should not be able to get away with calling this phone water resistant or water proof, and they should especially not include an Aqua Camera mode.