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Você Acredita Em Deus?

If so, God be praised! The phrase will now recall the presence of God in the life of the Brazilian people".

The same judge had already denied a preliminary injunction in November In addition, he said that the purpose of the lawsuit is to safeguard the right of religious freedom of all citizens.

Pastor Silas Malafaia said in a video posted on his website that the prosecutor is the same person who accepted and filed a homophobia complaint against him: There would certainly be agitation in Brazilian society because of the embarrassment suffered by citizens believers in God," says an excerpt from the Attorney's complaint.

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In the image, the ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs, Celso Amorimin a meeting with adherents of different religions of the country The phrase "God be praised" creates arguments because, according to some, it would be contrary to the secular statewhich does not privilege any religion, although there is no consensus on the part of the religious communities, especially the Christian ones.

It's that faith is not at first worshipping a god, but relationship. On the contrary, it supports the religious value when it facilitates the practice of acts of faith professed by the population and adopts religious holidays I think the Attorney General has to get a job for this citizen".

For Dom Leonardo, the expression "does not embarrass, but it can annoy those who say they do not believe". The preliminary decision [17] was subsequently sustained. Criticism[ edit ] According to secularists, the religious diversity in Brazil is not represented by a phrase which privileges only monotheistic religions.

The lawsuit was filed by Catholic prosecutor Jefferson Aparecido Dias. The Brazilian state does not disavows the faith. Many people will only notice the phrase after this lawsuit.

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This type of lawsuit is not new! If the phrase reminds of a relationship, it could be remembered that money itself must be at the service of people, especially the poor, in sharing and in solidarity.

He also said that no law authorizes the inclusion of religious expressions in money. To many people, the phrase would not take into account the existence of non-theistic communities such as agnosticsBuddhists and atheistsas well as adherents of other non-monotheistic religions, such as Hinduism and Afro-Brazilian religionsbut the population is in its vast majority adept of Christianitywhich does not imply popular dissatisfaction due to the phrase in the coin.