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Woodworking show host Paul Timberman Will Sasso endangers himself with power tools.

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A young kid repeatedly hits his stepdad Pat Kilbane in the groin. Debra Wilson promotes a virtual bunifa jackson dating game retirement home.

All Tammany Will Sasso wants to talk about is Hollywood. Competitors pass gas during a dance competition. A college jock Andrew Bowen hosts his own show from his dorm truths to ask a guy flirty smile. In a sequel to the family drama Stepmoma man Michael McDonald and his children replace his frumpy wife Alex Borstein with a younger, hotter woman Debra Wilson.

As ofthis was the last season of the show to be released on DVD. Havoc ensues in a hotel lobby where everyone says "sir" or "ma'am".

Keanu Reeves Andrew Bowen gives students lessons in wooden acting. Shaunda Alex Borstein performs at a prison. Nicole Sullivan tells her "Snapshot Story. The Spishak salesman Pat Kilbane promotes a mini-guillotine that chops vegetables and can be used for a quick and easy circumcision for Jewish bris reasons.

Debra Wilson promotes a new anti-masturbation aid. Aries Spears host a cooking show. Charlie Sheen Andrew Bowen discusses his drug escapades in an anti-drug commercial. The Kipper team reports on a Alex Trebek attack.

Magic Johnson Aries Spears doesn't fare well as a teacher. Spishak promotes a cereal bowl that also works as a pasta bowl. Fox is a guest on Funky Walker, Dirty Talker.

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Lounge singer Shaunda Alex Borstein sings in a public restroom. Debra Wilson tells her Snapshot Story. A Spanish-language version of Three's Company airs. Antonia Nicole Sullivan plugs her own perfume. Swan Alex Borstein tries to use an automated teller machine.

Pat Kilbane tells his "Snapshot Stories. Shaquille O'Neil's plea to get out of prison is misunderstood. Keith Richards Pat Kilbane promotes illicit drugs as a sleep aid. Yassir Arafat Andrew Bowen performs party tricks.

Swan Alex Borstein opens the show with a magic trick. Bill Clinton Will Sasso sells commemorative plates. Aries Spears host a Thanksgiving cooking show, where they must cook food for homeless people.

A parody of feminine hygiene commercials turns into a promotion for Canada's marriage laws. An undergraduate named "Intensity" Nicole Sullivan is obsessed with a man Pat Kilbane she barely knows in a parody of Felicity.

Army specialists observe a rubber-like man Pat Kilbane. A man Pat Kilbane refuses to stop dry-humping his wife Alex Borstein.

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Lorraine Mo Collins peruses items at a yard sale. Rusty Miller Michael McDonald appears in a commercial for a fast-food joint. Bunifa Debra Wilson goes on a date and appears on Lowered Expectations.

A randy senior citizen Michael McDonald recalls how he survived the crash of the Titanic.

Kenny Rogers Will Sasso offers exams for testicular cancer. Magic Johnson 's Aries Spears literacy skills fail him when he tries to ring in Kwanzaa. The Aussie Hunter gets mauled by gorillas, elephants, and ants.

A commercial parody for Egg-Beaters' newest product, Meat-Beaters, shows a man Will Sasso apparently masturbating as he prepares food.

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Swan Alex Borstein creates a disturbance at a local cineplex. The Vancome Lady Nicole Sullivan sells refreshments at a football game. Spishak claims one out of ten customers prefers its new detergent.

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While performing at a hospital, Lethal Weapon cops Pat Kilbane, Aries Spears receive a lukewarm reception to their over-the-top antics.

JCPenney promotes clothes that protect children from school shootings. Stuart Larkin Michael McDonald goes to the doctor. A blaxploitation parody called Son of Dolemite airs. Swan Alex Borstein stars in a film noir parody in which she flirts with a private eye Pat Kilbane.

Saturn employees harass a couple in a commercial for Honda. A man Will Sasso calling a sex line accidentally reaches Ms.

An elderly pharmacy employee Debra Wilson embarrasses other people by reading their prescriptions aloud. In a new medical drama, doctors are so focused on their work that they ignore other patients in the waiting room.

The Eracists spread their message of tolerance in the Middle East. Spishak promotes a dance father can perform.

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The Aussie Hunter gets mauled by crocodiles, sharks, and cheetahs. Debra Wilson promotes a product for keeping women's nether regions fresh. Swan Alex Borstein opens the show with a joke. Will Will Sasso is bothered by his annoying sister Alex Borstein at an arcade.

A Spanish-language version of All in the Family airs. Al Gore Pat Kilbane gives sex tips to a couple in bed. Lorraine Swanson Mo Collins takes hours shopping for a car. Stuart Larkin Michael McDonald gets lost.