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You know how to make your clothing budget give you the most for your money, and you know how to do so without sacrificing quality. These are the authentic designer shades, the kind worn by Hollywood A-listers, Hip-hop chart toppers, rock and roll royalty, and the top athletes in the world.

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You know what makes a pair of shades great, and you want the best price you can get. They are being re-released in limited numbers 3, for most models through online dating gone bad retailers. The newer models were made in the USA.

Oakley frogskins and Eyewear

Or maybe on impulse you tried on a pair of Armani shades at a local optician and while they looked fantastic, you went suddenly pale when you saw how much they cost. You don't need someone to tell you the definition of hip, cool, and chic.

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You just need someone to present you with the widest array of options with the best prices, and then step aside and let you shop.

Frogskins Chat They're back and harder to find than ever!

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And of course, we have a huge selection of Ray Ban styles. And you'll also find enough options to satisfy your curiosity if you step a little outside your fashion comfort zone.

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Stylish Sunglass was made for people like you. It was a small operation but by focusing on quality and innovation, his products soon led to goggles and eyewear, which Oakley is most known for today.

Quite a different look from the shades Lance Armstrong wears today. Furthermore, the hinges on the re-released models are beveled rather than cylindrical in order to improve strength and flex.

Oakley Frogskins

Many people mistake authentic Oakley Frogskins as fakes due to the changes in manufacturing. Only editions per colorway are released at a time through key retailers as Collectors Edition glasses. Welcome to Stylish Sunglass! The appeal of Oakley as an innovative eyewear brand soon developed with the mainstream and caught on like wildfire.

In late they were re-introduced and have since been made available in limited numbers. Oakley dominated the 80's eyewear revolution and are still at the forefront of the eyewear industry today.

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One of the best things about sunglasses is that on a day when you slept through your alarm, your hair isn't cooperating, and your favorite shirt is languishing at the bottom of the laundry basket, you can put on your shades as you hurry out the door and be surprised at how good you look when you catch your reflection in your rear view mirror as you head to work.

Oakley sunglasses were introduced inwith several sport-specific models slowly being adopted by the key athletes of the time.

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Now over 20 years later, the Oakley Frogskins have been re-issued for a new generation to embrace, so if you missed out last time You know the difference between "fashion" and "style" Fashion is when people say "Your outfit looks great!

Get them while you can.

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They actually are very lightweight and somewhat flimsy. Whether you're a fan of the super-athletic Arnette line, the classic Ray Ban Aviator, or the "old money" chic that goes into every pair of Dior sunglasses, you'll find it here.

The bottom line is, you know how much a great pair of sunglasses can add to your personal style and take your entire wardrobe up a notch or two.