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The Buses will be of the low-entry [6] type which will allow easy entry and egress from the doorways, especially for patrons using wheelchairs.

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History[ edit ] Inthe Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa requested technical support from the Cities Development Initiative for Asia to improve Peshawar's chaotic, mismanaged, and dilapidated urban transportation network.

Corruption Allegations and Criticism[ edit ] During Pakistan General Electionsgeneral public is talking about the recent allegations raised against KPK govt on which one of the asst.

Each bus will provide free Wifi [5] [6] services for passengers, while stations will have toilet facilities.

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Chamkani to Balahisar Fort Phase 2: Stations[ edit ] TransPeshawar's 31 stations will feature passing lanes at each station, allowing the function of a "direct service" system in which buses from suburban areas can access TransPeshawar's dedicated bus-lanes for use as an express service directly to the city's centre.

Cantonment to Aman Chowk Phase 3: Features[ edit ] TransPeshawar's first phase will consist of an east-west busway which will stretch from Chamkani in the east end to Hayatabad in the west end of Peshawar.

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Route[ edit ] The system will have 31 stations and will be mostly at grade, with four kilometers of elevated sections and 3 elevated stations. The project was awarded to consortium led by China Railway 21st Bureau Group, while engineering consulting was provided by Mott MacDonald.

With implementation of the automated ticketing system, bus operators will no longer collect fares.

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Buses[ edit ] TransPeshawar was originally planned to use a fleet of buses, of which will be 12 meter-long buses, while 92 will be 18 meter-long articulated buses. The CDIA studied two corridors, an east-west corridor, and a north-south corridor and recommended that the east-west corridor be constructed first, [2] along Peshawar's east-west axis along the Grand Trunk Road.

University to Hayatabad The entire road structure along the east-west corridor will also be reconstructed, and will include a new bicycle lane.

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For this purpose, charging stations will also be built to allow for recharging of the vehicle batteries. Currently, fares are collected by bus operators.

Fares[ edit ] The provincial government intends to collect fares via an automated ticketing system that is also intended to be used on all city routes.

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