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Perform Accurate Detailed Temperature Measurement Analysis with histograms, 2D profiles, dual isotherms and the abiliin the image can also be output to a Microsoft Excel.

Camaras termicas

Placing measurement cursors anywhere in the image creates a list that includes the spot measurement, pixel position, and the difference between measurement cursors 1 and 2. All rights reserved worldwide. When power on the camera in 0 degree forexample, after period of working the temperature of the camera the detector will increase gradually.

All User Manuals and leaflets should be read thoroughly before proceeding with operation of the equipment.

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This manual must not, in whole or part, be copied, photocopied, reproduced, translated or transmitted to any electronicmedium or machine readable form without prior consent, in writing, from Wuhan Guide Infrared Co.

Camera will adjust FPA setting itself automatically to ensure its stableperformance. Select to interpolate the image to x or x The values of these and the difference are shown in a measurement cursors list.

Images are date and time stamped, contains imager settings and the temperature of each individual pixel x composing the thermal scene, which can be viewed by moving your mouse anywhere in the scene.

Also thermal intensity plots which correspond to the vertical and horizontal crosssections through the image.

Termographical camera FLIR SC660

No parts of the products may be reproduced,transmitted, transcribed or translated into any language or computer language in any form or by any means, electronic,magnetic, optical, manual or otherwise, without the prior written permission of Wuhan Guide Infrared Co. It is important to fully check all equipment with which you have been supplied.

The equipment should be used, maintained and serviced by suitably trained personnel, capable of carefully followingthe procedures and guidelines given in this User Manual.

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Enhance Image Details by manually or automatically adjusting temperature level and span, and change emissivity and reflected temperature settings if necessary. Table of the Contents Table of the Contents It is also advisable that all User Manuals and Instruction Leaflets supplied are kept readily available, for reference whenthe equipment is in general use.

Add Comments to each image and then copy a screen capture of the application window, or copy to Bitmap BMP and paste into a picture editor or Microsoft Windows applications, e. Select from four-color palettes and a zoom capability up to 4X.

If power on thecamera in a temperature about 8 degree, only when the temperature of the camera beyond 17degree, thisphenomenon will happen again.

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When operating the unit near water,ensure that the unit is adequately guarded against splashes. Precautions The following precautions must be adhered to at all times and must be considered in addition to any advisedprecautions issued at the relevant worksite or work area.

Andwhen the internal temperature of the camera beyond 7 degree, FPA setting will take place and will last forabout 30sec, and during the FPA setting the camera will not response for any operations. Also displays the hottest and coldest measurements in the scene, their difference, and the average.