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Cameron kirkconnell grouper dating, spearfishing with cameron kirkconnell - world record grouper and giant lobsters

Where were your last three dive trips? I need to order more pages for my passport and can say grouper in 5 languages What is your comfortable working depth? I think the old sound track for this video much better than that one dadsCavaliers: I dive with new people all the time but no one consistently 4.

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The culmination of all of that being this years lb Yellowfin Tuna, with a pole spear. That crap was comical. Dogtooth Tuna live aboard trips 5. What happened to the old song "Bam Bam" remix? My buddies and I will take the whole boat 3.

Huge lobster, Gulf spearfishing Fat Red Grouper

There is no one way to Spearfish and we are blessed with a sport that no one can be perfect at. Wahoo trips within the USA 2. Mask and Snorkel 2.

If guys were shooting Tunas, I wanted to cameron kirkconnell grouper dating it and get it on film. I was wondering how he could freedive 80 ft easily. I know its not right but dive by myself 3.

Bluewater Cannon Freediving Certification Level 1.

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Come dive with us at home and show us some tricks What gear do you have tick each box 1. Seems like the only reason he got that lobster looks like that grouper ran him out from his home underneath that shelf, what a bonus.

What happened to the original fogma audio? Each encounter is different but having that well rounded skill set from time on and below the water. My goal has always been World Record fish but more importantly, figuring out when and where to be to land the largest of each species.

This drive to do things differently led me back to the Pole spear and seeing what was possible with the most basic weapons.

Cameron Kirkconnell Channel

Pole Spears make, type, length I absolutely loved this video right until you said 8lb. Class 2 Dynamic positioning capabilities every day is a new challenge for the ships Master. Everyone is always calling me to dive and we have a big group of friends What do you prefer on trips?

On all of my trips we set out to get each fish on video and but more than anything tell a story about the experience.

Hawaii Dreaming Spearfishing in Hawaii

If it swims past it is going to be shot at. I spent a lot of time traveling by myself so that meant holding the camera in one hand and the gun in the other. Great athlete and freediver you make 80 feet look like the deep end of a pool.

Until I get deported and they make me leave When you travel your boat? Guns make, type, length MYaucat by the way blue groupers r the endangerd one not red groupers Eric Green: Tanker vessels and General Cargo vessels. Can I jump in on a trip with a few other guys?

In my time as a Ship Captain I had 6 months at sea each year, to research, pour over charts of the world and most importantly, watch the water and learn from the locals what works in each spot and why.

Spearfishing with Cameron Kirkconnell - World Record Grouper.. | EndlessVideo

Cameras GoPro, photo or Video Cameras Did this video help you? Is there a noseclip inside the Mask? What happened to the old music?

Nice video, biggest red I ever had off a charter was about 8 pounds on the Gulf side, and a gag of about 44 lb no matter how you slice it fishing is a great sport cable spearo: I hunt for eating, freak vegans! Rate your weapon experience from ?

Which best describes the area you dive most often?