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Older MacBook computers need a separate 3. Now do the same with your 3.

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However, connecting the devices directly to each other by Ethernet cable will not work, as this would not connect you to your home network.

To share your laptop screen to your Mac using the Apple TV look for the AirPlay icon in the menu bar, it's a square with a triangle below it.

How to get AirPlay working when Apple TV is hooked up via Ethernet

Since Apple has started to introduce Thunderbolt 3 ports. I could accept "No, there's no app for that" as an answer, but "they don't want you to" is a bold statement. The first two look like this: Everything you need to know to get your laptop hooked up to the big screen By Chris Martin 26 Mar You don't need a smart TV if you have an old TV, a laptop and the right cable.

They do it from iOS devices. If you happen to have an Apple TV and a Mac running Use the TV's file explorer to locate and play the desired puliyogare gojju online dating. The only catch here is that you need additional software for your laptop to turn the USB port into a Video out port, so we strongly suggest you check the USB to HDMI adapter you want is compatible with your laptop before you buy.

Connect a laptop to TV using HDMI

Note that your mouse pointer will move between the displays as if they are in the arrangement you choose here. These aren't generally cheap, though, and most wireless video systems have a hit on video quality and can also introduce a mismatch between video and audio.

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Connecting Over Networks Your Apple TV and iMac can connect to your home network wirelessly or through Ethernet ports, which establishes a connection between them.

Note that any adaptor will slowly drain the battery of your MacBook, so ensure you don't leave the adaptor plugged in when not in use.

Video of the Day

It didn't make sense to me that streaming would work just fine if initiated from the Apple TV, but not at all from anywhere else. The following Macs have Thunderbolt 3. This is frequently true with many web-based streaming movies, or when playing video that is lower resolution in general.

Also, the Apple TV's main interface is a TV set, not a computer, so adding an additional layer of abstraction - giving access from a computer, where you wouldn't be playing the content - makes no sense.

How to Hook-Up an Apple TV

The devices has the ability to cast a tab of your choice in Chrome so it appears on the screen using the built-in cast feature. The following Macs have Thunderbolt 2 ports: If the adapter is compatible, then setting up this method is largely straightforward.

The first thing you will need to do is toggle the Display drop down to ensure that your TV is selected, next you need to ensure that the Resolution drop down box matches the settings that are correct for your TV. Why do you think that apple wouldn't want me to do it?

Apple Footer

Kirk McElhearn 1, Some of the information contained in this post requires additional references. You can use AirPlay to stream content from your Apple laptop or desktop to the television, as well as using the Apple TV to stream other content from the web.

Most users won't run into any problems if they disable IPv6, however, so if you're in a niche like mine where plugging the Apple TV in via Ethernet is a better fit for your network, hopefully this tip helped you out.

If you have a spare Mac, you can even turn it into a full-time media center, server, and torrents box, and the Mac Mini is particularly great for that purpose. If playing media from your iMac to the Apple TV takes a long time, you may need to upgrade your Internet service.

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They look something like this: Generally, the adapters that cost a little bit more tend to be more reliable, so be sure to read the reviews and make sure that audio does indeed work for the adapter you are ordering. This can be a bit confusing as Thunderbolt 2 looks the same as DisplayPort port.

Video Playback Too Small?

Can I Hook Up an Apple TV to My iMac?

If your laptop has no video output, you can connect your laptop to your TV via an adapter which plugs into your laptop's USB port and provides a VGA output.

The iMac is a full computer, not a TV or monitor, so it does not have the appropriate input jacks to use it as a monitor for the Apple TV.

Bear in mind you will also need a HDMI cable. In both cases, Time Machine was disabled on my Mac, and no other devices were making heavy use of the network.

I guessed that plugging in via Ethernet would roughly halve the bandwidth requirements for streaming to the Apple TV, and checking around with some of my more networking-savvy friends confirmed this. When plugged into my Time Capsule via Ethernet, a 1.

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