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Can i hook up two amps to one set of speakers. Can i hook up two subs to one amp

With home stereos and their preference for 8 ohm speakers, it's generally OK to use 4 ohm speakers, but don't expect a full volume to come from them as you would from your car.

Can I hook up 2 channels to one speaker?

They should plug in on the back. If your subs' and amp's RMS power ratings are compatible, you can wire them together like this. There is no real "4 ohms stereo". Can i hook up two subs to one amp In other words, you can tell the bass is coming from a box in the trunk.

Each speaker needs to be connected using two wires. The DVC 2-ohm versions will work best with that amplifier, wired like this.

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I'm not a techie but I wouldn't. Most home speakers are rated at 8 ohms impedence, while car stereo speakers are rated all over the place, generally 4 to 10 ohms. On the speaker are there threaded posts with thumb nuts? Or some other system?. Ohms law I believe. This people dont even know use the first diagram is better because it gives your amp less stress, and the sound will be much better, i have mine like that.

If the above doesn't work, then you can manually figure the wiring by simple means: The difference zoosk facebook dating app google remember is that dual voice coil DVC subs have two coils, and thus four input terminals.

Need actual type of vehicle to help?

Any issues with hooking up two computers to one set of speakers?

The first is generally the ohms rating of the speakers. Dwayne, A good solution for you would be to get a 5-channel amplifier, like a Pioneer GM-Dthat'll take care of all your speakers and sub from one compact chassis. If you are working on a car stereo system you can simply disconnect the battery terminals.

How do you hook up your computer speakers to your computer? As for the 10 ohm speakers, stereo receivers like to have some type of load placed on them at all times. If you cannot work it out from the User Guides that came with the speaker or the amplifier then it is best either to ask a friend who knows about speakers to show you what to do, or ask someone at any store that sells hi-fi systems.

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One wire is "grounded" and the other carries the alternating sound signal. It is used to convert speaker lines into an RCA output. Most car stereo amplifiers can do 2 ohms.

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If my amp does not have a speaker level output and my stereo does not have RCA outputs how do i hook it up? This time, the excess power is passed off in the form of heat and once again, it can destroy the output transistors or IC's in your amp. Yes, if you keep a couple of things in mind.

Scroll down to related links and look at "Impedance bridging - Wikipedia". You will need this wire to make the connections from your amplifier to your sub-woofers. Can an 8 ohm speaker be replaced with a 4 ohm speaker? Then you connect the negative terminal of spkr 'A' to the positive terminal of speaker 'B'.

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You should also make sure you didn't disable the sound hardware in the control panel or in the Windows volume control options. Finally connect the negative end of the second coil to the negative bridged terminal on the amp. How do you hook up stereo speakers to a truck stereo?

Clip the stereo speakersinto the wires and place them in the panel spaces in the truck. Another indicator for uncolored insulation is that one lead will be a darker copper color, and the other lead might be a lighter silver color. But ill pm you when I get the sub and box first!

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How to hook up a stereo in a car? So if you use them for normal listening levels and don't crank on 'em, you should be OK.

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How do you hook your iPod up to your car stereo? We use impedance bridging and not impedance matching. Is your amplifier stable at 2 ohms when bridged? Why not just get the right speaker? Or sockets for phono plugs?

Can i hook up two subs to one amp - The phrase actually refers to wiring the sub-woofers up to a bridged amplifier to produce fuller, deeper bass.

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How To - Car Stereo. TeeJayBee, that comment doesn't help. If the manufacturer rates it at 2 ohms, leave it at that — dont bother creating a 1-ohm load unless youre fascinated by pyrotechnics. This question is very simple to ask but is much more complicated to answer because you don't say anything about the kinds of terminals there are on the speaker or the amplifier!.

Can i hook up two subs to one amp Pre dating speed dating reviews How to have a christ centered dating relationship Can i hook up two subs to one amp New matchmaking destiny Can i hook up two subs to one amp Namaste dating israel I am trying to power 2 Kicker C12D4 subs off the sub output of a pioneer D I have a sealed box separate chambers.

Not having enough load on an audio amp also equates to the same thing: If you get no sound, then check your connections, make sure your amplifier is getting power unless you are using lightweight headphones and have them plugged directly into the computerand check your sound drivers.

Installation documentation for electronic devices such as receivers Pioneer is one of many names usually comes shipped with the device in the box. Installed in ported box with a output for each speaker. Stereo receivers, can i hook up two subs to one amp, and integrated amplifiers rarely have subwoofer output jacks or offer bass-management options.

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Already have an account? If that doesn't work, try a socket on the front. Where do I get diagram hooking up wire speakers for Pioneer stereo system in the house?