Who is Capt. Matthew Ekeinde dating? Capt. Matthew Ekeinde partner, spouse Who is Capt. Matthew Ekeinde dating? Capt. Matthew Ekeinde partner, spouse

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She appeared in the icons category. She has 2 younger brothers.

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Married to Captain Matthew Ekeinde and they together have four children. The two had been introduced through his eldest sister at church, since laying eyes on her he fell in love and became a family friend.

Together they have 4 children. She headed to the musical mecca of Atlanta GA to work with some prominent producers and songwriters who could help create a sound that would resonate to American audiences.

He recently established The Aquatic Jungle Entertainment, which is a tourist and entertainment center in Badagry.

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Recently, it was the 20th anniversary of Omotola's marriage to her husband, Captain Matthew Ekeinde and the mother of 4 was chuffed about it, as her Instagram posts tell.

I wish them both continuous happiness and success in their marriage, careers, ventures, and as parents.

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She was the youngest actress in Nigeria at this time to achieve this feat. In she tied the knot with her spouse, Capt. Omotola's character overcame the disease and had a baby. Matthew Ekeinde married actress Omotola Jalade. Matthew Ekeinde at the young age of 18 and according to the super star actress and philanthropist, she has no regrets.

The couple later held a white ceremony on board a Dash 7 aircraft while flying from Lagos to Benin inwith close family and friends present.

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Omotola gave birth to her first daughter on 30 March Inthe Nigerian government honored her with a national prestigious titles. She became one of the first entertainers in Nigeria to launch a reality show.

Reginald has been cited as launching Omotola's career. They had their wedding ceremony in mid air, with a priest and family members aboard of the Dash Seven. Even though they are famous parents with such time-consuming careers, this couple has managed to make themselves available from their busy schedule to see each other and enjoy the company of their children.

She grew up in a family of five, her parents and two younger brothers, Tayo and Bolaji Jalade.

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Captain matthew ekeinde news stories more on. On losing the role, her friend suggested that she goes for the role. Ekeinde is, he is also a romantic and family man.

Plans are also in place for a five-star hotel, aquariums, roller coasters, and a zoo. Top 10 free dating sites feel free to look around.

Her first acting role was in the movie Venom of Justice, directed by Reginald Ebere.

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Other blockbuster Nigerian movies include: The Ekeindes strongly believes that couples, especially married ones should be compatible and have God at their center. For them, marriage is a serious commitment and when faced with difficulties and frustrating arguments, divorce is never an option. Together, they have four children, Princess, M.

Omotola made her debut in the acting world in with the movie Venom of Justice and later with Mortal Inheritance. Though this idea was a first back then and seemed impossible, he managed to pull it off with their determination.

Capt. Matthew Ekeinde

On a whole, she has featured in over Nigerian movies. She is one of the leading Nigerian actors as well as one of the most followed and respected actresses in Africa Omotola is a native of Ondo state but was born in Lagos. Thu 9th Jun The aviation sector plays a key role in the growth of any economy.

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By the mids, Omotola had catapulted into A-list status. During their twenty-one years of marriage, they have been blessed with four mature children who are understanding and luckily for them, not under anyone's bad influence or being led astray.

Omotola Jalade has made outstanding achievements in the entertainment industry; particularly with Nigerian movies.

Matthew Ekeinde

After about two years of waiting, he proposed to Omotola and married her before she went off to university. She released a couple of musical albums with the recent ones featuring international stars like Bobby Valentino on it.

Omotola Jalade has been married for 20 years. Some may think she is going with the trend while some will beg to differ but the truth is, when did the word trend replace the Her reality show, Omotola: The actress who wanted a life in business management had accompanied a friend to an audition.

She has amassed well over 40 local and international awards.