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At the same time his mom became worried about how it would affect his education since he was about to start college but he promised to always prioritize school and he didn't really see YouTube as something that would ultimately take off anyways.

He showed a video of himself doing a backflip in his video celebrating the fact that he had earned a million subscribers. Then came his Minecraft Survival Let's Play, generally appearing to be more popular among his other series.

It has also been revealed that Jordan once was able to ride a unicycle. Best known Minecraft player big time!

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The music videos are so amazing too! Following this success, Sparklez accepted the invitation offered by the Machinima team to participate in the Survival Games, which he came 2nd in and competed in the other 3, known to be the dark horse and the one to always look out for, only ever losing to AntVenom.

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Jordan is normally a solid gamer, but his performance in Arma 3 is downright atrocious, since he dies constantly even though some of the deaths were the fault of his friends in ways which could have been avoided.

He is the only YouTuber whose death happens regardless. Quotes —Captain Sparklez to TorqueDawg.

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It's pretty high up, too. His second most famous series, Happy Wheels soon gained popularity captain sparklez building game summer flirting his channel, advancing him to thousand subscribers. Maron got accepted but had to deny it because it has too expensive for him.

This gamer provides examples of:

And because of his videos I now have a buddy to play Minecraft with my 10 best free dating sites sydney old Autistic brother who wasn't into Minecraft at all until I showed him a Captain Sparklez video and now I can fully enjoy the game.

During their discussion, Jordan did state that after a short time experiencing being in a gaming industry from an outside perspectivethis led to him switching from chemical engineering to computer science.

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Jordan is considered this by a lot of the girls and some of the guys that watch his stuff. Captain Sparklez with the other YouTubers. He is so nice and a good role model. He used to study chemical engineering before moving to computer science, and later took up gymnastics.

So after the 1st quarter of his sophomore year didn't improve, He took a leap of faith and decided to pursue YouTube ultimately.


Captain Sparklez never bores, has awesome Minecraft songs and helps promote a lot of adventure maps and mini games. His mother's name is Linda, and his step-father's name is Gordon, as seen in the various videos with his mother his step-father's name was revealed in a Reddit video.

Especially when partnered with Nick and Mark. Jordan has been extremely popular on Twitch. Shortly afterwards, it earned many views to this day it's the most viewed Minecraft video and his channel grew extremely popular.

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It wasn't until his senior year that he started to make Call Of Duty gameplay videos while waiting for college application letters.

Due to lag, this ends up happening a bit when he and Ryan play Mineplex Dragons.

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When his parody of Gangnam Style was taken down, he edited the tune just enough so the instrumentation counted as a loophole, and reuploaded it. Owns lots of titanium sports necklaces.

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This is partly the reason he moved from his old channel to his current one. Teamwork makes the dream work. He is more well-known for playing Minecraft, but currently reacts to things from Reddit.

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He Cleans Up Nicely: Captain sparkles videos are all beyond funny, he doesn't make just minecraft videos, but all sorts of different video game videos. He has the most subscriber between the minecraft players. The start of the sneak-peek is a reference on how Captain Sparklez starts his videos.

Gravity Is a Harsh Mistress: He also said that looking back on it, he didn't choose any computer or gaming related majors because he thought it wouldn't lead him to any success but now he realizes thanks to his YouTube career and the people he met through it, that he was wrong.

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His name derived from a dare by Seananners. During the 3rd quarter of his freshman year, Maron tried to get in, but since it was already packed with people, he had to wait to take the summer course instead.

Since he had free time, he decided to take on a new project in which he wanted to do a video that was fully animated. This is a possible reference to his iconic and deceased Minecraft pet Jerry The Slime. Jerry will always be in our memories. The following summer after the conclusion of his senior year he started posting videos more frequently and towards the end of the summer he became a partner with Machinima and was able to start receiving revenue from ads.