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Aphex Twin is a good example. What are your future plans?

Carla Azar

Had you played with any of the other women in the band before tour? I try my best to view everything — coming from a place of humility. It comes from being insecure.

AutoluxJack White Jack White: Keith had at least that many at one point. Touring all year with Jack has been great because after playing live for a couple of weeks with him, my playing is always in a really strong place to record.

Besides all of the classic rock, blues, rhythm and blues, etc.

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How much to play really just depends on the song or the feeling in the room at any given moment. Did you have an unexpected experience from it or have you learned anything from it?

I view studio recording and live performance as two completely different forms of expression. Who else would 7ch online dating like to play with in a band alive or dead?

The men play differently to Jack than the women do. What are the plusses and minuses drawbacks of taking time from your band to be on tour with Jack?

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They sampled him a lot and used programming along with the loops of him that they had sampled. Who do you play to or what do you play to when you perform? That quality is incredibly powerful. And The Who better be playing with you.

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I do love Mitch Mitchell. You actually have no control over that anyway.

White has been touring with two completely different bands all year. Los Angeles, Ca Current Bands: I fell in love with every aspect of it.

Jack White Interviews Carla Azar

I love drummers that do everything — simple and hypnotic at times and completely unpredictable, insane, and out of control at other times. I know when I play music, I play to the drummer. I suppose I feel pretty good about using both feet. This drives me crazy.

Carla Azar Lives In: And I like music or a band that provides a landscape for all of this to go on. We all love playing with Jack, so somehow it works out. Usually people who try to control everyone are scared of failing.

We basically play the same material but each band has their own interpretation of the same songs. Can drummers learn anything from beats composed on computers or drum machines? Jack is also incredibly generous when working with other musicians, which is also fearless.

How do you feel about being on tour with 2 bands at the same time with Jack that are split by gender? He has such great feel while playing incredibly fast beats.

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How do you feel about using both of your feet for a bass drum since we use both of our hands for a snare drum? How do you regard silence? In three words, describe the LA music scene Does not exist. It was one of the best shows I have seen in ages. How do you juggle your own project Autolux and being on tour with another band?

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If you could influence people in one way…in what way would you hope to influence them? They stop themselves before recording it. And everything in between. How do you feel when you walk into a club and you see a drumset composed of 12 or 15 drums?

He chooses people he likes to play with and brings out the best in them. And lastly do you still want to be friends? For me, silence is one of the most powerful things in music — in both studio recordings and live.

That really gets my goat. The way I look at the world, other people, and the way I approach music. One is all female, the other all male.


But at least his thoughts all get a shot. The only drawback that I can see is that perhaps the Autolux record would have been finished sooner.

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You basically have bass, drums, guitar, and melodies happening all by yourself at the same time. What rudiment do you drum on your steering wheel while driving? Then I ask her a few more questions. Dave Lombardo from Slayer is probably the best one on planet Earth using both feet for bass drums.

And Jack plays differently as well.

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