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Carnosaur is unashamedly bad. I don't know about you, but I don't ever remember Dinosaurs ever having human arms when there eating there victims.

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The only thing more baffling is how poor the special effects are. Carnosaur favours a convoluted science experiment involving local weather 06403 dating that give birth to dinosaur eggs???

It look more like a nightclub scene for a comedy and I was literally waiting for the Dinosaur to do some ridiculous dance. Or another scene when some hippie character says "Greeting my green brother" to a Dinosaur, who knows what the writers were smoking to write that.


Carnosaur has a ridiculous plot about genetically manipulated and very hungry dinosaur escapes from a bioengineering company and reeks havoc on the local desert town.

It has some really baffling scenes, like how our character is running away from a Dinosaur and he's enters a room with strobe lights. Carnosaur is not worth your time and Dinosaurs deserve to be in cetter weekend.

View All Critic Reviews 9 Audience Reviews for Carnosaur We don't get to see enough Dinosaurs on screen mostly because a majority of the time the movie sucks. There's no characters worth caring about, there's no purpose in the plot, and it wasted your time.

If they'd had a budget then the finale, where a construction vehicle takes on a T-Rex, would have been impressive. Unfortunately we have more movies like Carnosaur that kill Dinosaurs from being on screen.

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Literally nothing is worth remembering from this horrific mess. I find it ironic that Carnosaur was release in the same year as Jurassic Park and somehow managed to get an entire series made. The ending is very downbeat and depressing, not really what you want after 82 minutes of awful cinema, but very brave.

Rather than going for the simplistic take of cloning dinosaurs Spielberg, I'm looking at you. Even my old plastic Dinosaur toys are more realistic than anything in this movie. I'm serious when I say this, every single character is poorly written in this movie.

And ends in human women laying dinosaur eggs. From the wonky crooked dinosaur puppets, to the acting which stumbles between remembering lines and confusion as to where they are.

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This is easily one of the most poorly written movie to include Dinosaurs that I've ever seen. Like when a woman is screaming when she sees the a Dinosaur and only stops after the Dinosaur bites off her leg.

The acting is so bad and I don't think have of the cast have ever acted in the business after this release.