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Dan laments that the circumstances that led up to him being in said coma include death camp of tolerance online dating overriding fear of dying surrounded by a hundred cats.

Mel'anarch, who is a younger character fitting this trope, replacing cats with spiders, including a giant one named Zhor that she had a child with, though that spider is in fact an elf himself who was altered into his current form.

In cat lady dating video fake snake Tunnels series, Mrs. When Liz returns to the B.

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There's a crazy cat lady in the neighbourhood in My Name Is Earl Randy also dates a cat hobbyist, who realizes she's slipping into the mold, after Randy points out she treats him retales cortinas online dating a cat.

He treats his pet snake with more affection than his sister not that that's hard and nails one of its dead skins to the door to scare people off. It's like poor Shy got dumped and instead of filling the void with cats, she decided to have some variety and have every type of creature BUT cat.

An early season 2 episode of ER had the paramedics debate whether they could take in a man who was sitting around naked in his apartment while white rabbits scurried around his place. Willard has his rats.

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It turns out the name was misspelled — Cut to a scene of Castle, Esposito and Ryan, drinking tea from fussy teacups whilst being climbed on by a horde of cats.

Susan of Kiss Of The Tarantulabut with the titular spiders instead of cats. In an episode of Hannah Montana ForeverMiley was busy dealing with the fallout of revealing herself as the titular idol singer to the world.

Morfin Gaunt Voldemort's uncle could count as a crazy snake man.

The cat who thinks it's a snake: Feline slithers down stairs in the laziest way possible

And this is supposed to be a happy ending. James Herriot's books occasionally featured a Mrs Bond, a lady who escaped the more unfortunate trappings of this trope by having a Big Fancy House and a pretty considerable sum of money to keep her fifty or more cats well-fed and cared for.

It is feet long and kg. On the finale she marries Dwight, and the others buy back her cats as a wedding present. He's constantly attempting to avoid Animal Control, who have him pegged as a hoarder although he clearly cares for the cats — they eat better than he does.

Some episodes have had people with: In Julya different fake photograph was attached to the very same claims i. Wendy's most famous video, and the one that got her known, is the cat video "Meow!

She dies because her cats had been feeding on a plant that is toxic to humans but not to cats, so it went through the cats' systems and into the milk.

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An episode of Everybody Loves Raymond features Robert dating — briefly — "the frog lady of Massapequa". And since she's a greedy old hag, she has given them all names like "Kopec" and "Dollar Bill".

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They can, however, talk with the aid of a collar Muntz invented. The young adult novel Jacob Have I Loved has a cat lady who's portrayed as mildly dotty.

One of them was an old woman who said, "I have thirty-seven cats, and I've changed all their names to Jasmine.

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She is very much Louis Wain's spiritual successor albeit in animation rather than painting, as this video aptly shows. So many that she gives one or more to each and every member of the support group.

Crazy Cat Lady - TV Tropes

Hoax's deeply religious mother keeps dozens of cats around the house. In The CloserBrenda lives in fear of turning into one of these and, after her cat who she thought was male has kittens, she wonders how she became one of those single women with too many cats.

One patient in Emily Owens, M. Later the girls decide not to give the stray cat Max has taken in to a woman whose cat total goes from 27 to 31 during the episode. In The Pale KingChris Fogle's mother ends up obsessing over birds as a way to cope with the death of her ex-husband.

Think that's bad enough? Not wanting to deal with anymore negativity, she contemplated staying in her house with nothing but cats. And they all blame Ryan for it.

In Harriet the Spyone of Harriet's spy targets is a very reclusive man with some twenty cats.

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Louise loves all cats to an extreme degree and is rather socially awkward and distant She has serious infection she caught from her wounded arm. Wendy Vainityknown for her insane CGI animations, has an obsession with cats, regularly making videos about them and owning several items of furniture featuring cats, in addition to several actual cats that she owns.

First, the video claims that the snake is at least 75 feet long which is more than twice the size of the largest snake on recordand second, the video was uploaded by a cryptozoologist Marc Anders who frequently employs digital manipulation to speculate about the existence of creatures such as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster.

Cat Face is once forcibly imprisoned in a disgusting and cramped household full of cats owned by a demented cat lady who lured him in by bribing a female cat to woo him. She worries, however, that if she doesn't have a significant other, she'll end up like the real Crazy Cat Lady who lives nearby with only her cats for company when she's awake, that is.

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She also has a few Kneazles highly intelligent, cat-like magical creatures which can sense deception and breed with regular catsand uses them as spies. Or get run over by tanks: Well, it's hard to get out when you're taking care of 16 stray cats Miss Malkin in the "London, " segment lives in a rambling mansion with dozens - if not hundreds - of cats.

Of course, she is also the biggest spook on the streets of Dunwall, a sorceress marked by the Outsider, and a cannibal, and the rats are the giant plague-carrying variety with a taste for human flesh. At the climax, she uses all of her cats to pull a sled into the showdown against Lord Business.

The Sims 3 Pets exaggerates this trope with the character of Hetty Lionheart, who lives alone in a shack-like home in Appaloosa Plains in a household of four cats.


Eventually, she's granted a boon and turned into a cat and allowed to live among her kind. She also is unmarried and lives alone and has said she prefers cats to people. This anaconda was caught alive by a long struggle after 37 days and killed by the Royal British commando force.

He has only one live snake, but showers her with affection he wouldn't dream of showing to another human being, even going to far as to put part of his soul in her.

The ones that have been found are then utilized as a small army to find items and other cats, some of which can only be found this way. Will Graham in Hannibal shares his house with six later seven dogs but no humans, implicitly because he finds dogs much easier to get along with than people.