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Nutella is a staple breakfast food for Italians and it's good for you because it makes you happy lmao! What are the best eggs? No more nutella Sara Rostenkowski: If something tastes bad, and we humans are still eating it, there must be some benefits otherwise, we would not be eating it.

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Are in epidemic proportions. Marketplace goes undercover to expose the techniques used in door-to-door sales of water purification systems - devices that can For breaking news, video, audio and in-depth coverage: Feels bad for the kid. My rule of thumb: The producer has to write the sugar content on the package, but there is no information of what kind of sugar.

Reverse osmosis water purification scam: Yes, something might be natural, sugar is, but it doesn't make it automatically a healthy option.

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Moral of the video. I am not intending to defend the companies, but there is a small detail we do not consider. It would be nice if they had a dark chocolate version, which would most likely have less sugar, and still be tasty Shar Roon: I only look at labels for calorie counts Are they too high?

What's really better for your car?

Healthy food or lousy labels? Food Fiction

How are people so uninformed about food that they actually think any of these foods could be healthy? Salt is not bad for you omg Tobias Johnson: I hate fish Your name: It's hard to believe that anyone thinks highly processed food is good for you. People have to learn to take manufacturer's claims for what they are: Who tf is measureing there sugar in oreos Tobias Johnson: If people learnt to take the claims with a pinch of salt, manufacturers might not lie so much: Minister of Transport Marc Garneau has promised an air Don't click that link!

Currently looking for a comment that says "I'm eating Nutella while watching this" Johnny Garlic: Best way to eat I have found is little meat, no dairy, nuts seeds, lots of veggies and some fruit.

Avoid all packaged foods. Real estate agents breaking the rules: Marketplace CBC News Prije 9 mjeseci Free trial scams, bogus endorsements and surveys are tricking people into paying for products and subscriptions they had no idea they were signing up for.

And we wonder why obesity.

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Host Erica Johnson reveals how pet owners may be paying hundreds of dollars for Airline delays, overbooking, tarmac holds: Egg crackdown CBC Marketplace CBC News Prije 2 godina We test the marketing on supermarket eggs, and ask companies if we can see for ourselves what the labels really mean for chickens and for you.

Vet bills for dogs and cats: No juice, bread, cookies ect. Food companies being misleading?? Companies are using science and artificial intelligence to keep you hooked, but tech insiders reveal how you can curb the