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Video shows Chicago cop fatally shooting teen Cedrick Chatman

He noticed there wasn't an object in his hands. The object turned out to be a black iPhone box. Brian Coffman, the lead attorney for Chatman's mother, told reporters after Thursday's hearing that his team cedrick chatman yahoo dating "very happy" about the judge's decision.

Fry and Toth pulled Chatman over and ordered him out of the vehicle, prompting the teen to run.

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An officer killed Cedrick Chatman on Jan. Emanuel has refused to resign so far, but has fired both the police superintendent and the head of the police investigative agency. The original independent police investigator wanted to rule the shooting unjustified, saying the teen fled from Fry and Toth without posing a threat.

Fry said at one point he saw Chatman turn around and point an object at the officers. Only a few seconds elapse from the time officers give chase and Chatman is on the ground. The videos come amid a period of intense scrutiny of Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the city's police and law departments over how Chicago handles cases of police misconduct.

Email CHICAGO -- City attorneys on Thursday released grainy surveillance video showing the fatal shooting of a year-old black carjacking suspect by a white police officer. Police delizia 92 online dating that Chatman and two others, Akeem Clarke and Martel Odum, robbed a man who was selling a cell phone.

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The Cook County State's Attorney's Office decided not to pursue charges against the officers at the time. He ran between two parked cars and then west on the sidewalk. The law in Illinois allows for anyone who sets in motion a chain of events that results in the death of another individual to be charged with murder.

As Fry and Toth pursued on foot, police say, the 5-foot-7, pound Chatman turned toward them. Another police killing, another video being released, another Laquan McDonald. Attorneys for Chatman's mother, Linda Chatman, had filed a wrongful death suit against both officers and urged the videos' public release as part of that case.

That investigator, Lorenzo Davis, said he was fired when he refused to change his findings to a justified shooting. The city had long opposed the release of such videos while investigations and court hearings were underway. His family had asked that the video be made public as it sued the city over the shooting, arguing it would counter the city's narrative that Chatman posed a danger to police.

The police department found every complaint against him to be unwarranted. Chatman's family was not immediately available for comment Thursday, but they are moving forward with a wrongful death lawsuit against the city and against Officer Kevin Fry, who shot the teen.

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Community activist William Calloway criticized Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Thursday for not being more forthcoming and called on black officials and clergy to boycott the mayor's breakfast Friday honoring the Rev.

Odom and Clarke were accused of participating in the carjacking with Chatman but were not with him when police came across the stolen Dodge Charger. They were each sentenced to 10 years in prison last September for robbery and unlawful vehicular invasion, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

I did not see where deadly force was called for at that time. While the officers involved were cleared of wrongdoing, two of Chatman's friends -- Martel Odom, 23, and Akeem Clarke, 22 -- were later charged with murder for allegedly "setting into motion" a chain of events that led to Chatman's death, according to DNAinfo Chicago.

Emanuel really wants to stand by his words of transparency and change, here's his opportunity to do it," he said.

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Investigators later found the object was an iPhone box. According to court records, Fry said he fired four shots. Chatman kept running and turned south on Jeffery, the judge wrote. Asked during a deposition whether the object was ever pointed at the two officers, Fry said, "No.

Fry, who ran diagonally into the intersection, claimed Chatman had a dark object in his right hand and turned his upper torso slightly to the right. The city's law department on Thursday released three videos of the shooting of unarmed year-old Cedrick Chatman. District Judge Robert Gettleman.

Chatman allegedly stole a silver Dodge Charger on Jan.

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Toth was initially on his heels but fell behind, Gettleman wrote. Five cameras captured all or part of the shooting of Chatman: Time for Rahm to step down. Provided Cedrick Chatman, 17, died after he was shot multiple times while fleeing police in January Lawyers for both the city and the Chatman family agreed that the footage was low quality and showed the events from a distance.

Cedrick Chatman was killed as he fled officers who stopped him for car theft. His name is CedrickChatman. The case against the city and Fry was set to go to trial in June. He did not say anything or give any orders before opening fire.

Video released of deadly Chicago police shooting

Chatman's flight and cut him off, or join in the pursuit. A federal judge granted the release hours earlier after the city withdrew its objection to it being made public under intense pressure from activists demanding more transparency and reforms to a police department under scrutiny over cases of alleged misconduct.

Chatman ditched a stolen car and ran from the two officers.