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Data that is processed then being analysed using quantitative and qualitative methods.

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Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui perbedaan tinggi badan menurut kartu Surat Izin Mengemudi SIM terhadap tinggi badan sebenarnya sebagai alat identifikasi antropometri.

The process of making driver license hereafter abbreviated as SIM C is the obligation for every rider. Stature estimates can be taken from antemortem records. The rear side of the Indonesian Driving License Card may differ according to the year, location, and class of the issued driving license card.

According to Article 59 paragraph 2 of Law no. Having good health and physical condition according from doctor's check up form Physically and mentally healthy as well as passing the psychological test Test and Examination Theory Exam Practical Exam or Examination of driving simulator skills Additional conditions pursuant to Article 81 paragraph 6 Law.

The most common antemortem records used by forensic anthropologists are driving licenses.

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Driving a motor vehicle not owning legal driving license are sentenced confinement for 6 months or maximal fine of Rp. People who want to drive the vehicle are required to have a driver license as one of the obediences in best free dating sites sydney which are to comply and obey the applicable rule of law.

Pada hasil analisis didapatkan p value 0, Driving License will be revoked at least for 1 year according to Article 70 paragraph 1 of Law no. Penelitian dilakukan pada bulan November This study was a cross sectional design with analytic method.

This study was conducted in November Antropologi forensik dapat digunakan untuk mengidentifikasi jenazah atau orang hilang melalui perkiraan usia, jenis kelamin, keturunan dan tinggi badan seseorang.

Hasil penelitian menunjukkan rerata tinggi badan menurut kartu SIM ,81 cm s. Legal awareness is abstract concepts inside humans about the harmony between order and tranquility which are desired and righteously exist.

Body height on driving license accurate enough to use in forensic anthropometric identification.

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Violating Article 23 paragraph 1 letter a, letter b, article 24 paragraph 1 letter a, article 27 paragraph 1 of Law no. Driving a motor vehicle failing to show the legal Driving License to officials are sentenced confinement for 2 months or maximal fine of Rp. Perkiraan tinggi badan seseorang dapat dilakukan dengan melihat catatan antemortem.

Data were taken through questioner and measurement of body height of the subjects.

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Driving License class B1, have to own Driving License class A at least 12 months, and those who would also apply: Purwokerto Abstract The society is the source of social contact along with other human beings in general. The purpose of this study was to compare body height written on driving license and actual height as forensic antropometric identification.

The population in this reasearch consist of whole members of society who have vehicle and live in the area with the population target were the residents. Terdapat perbedaan bermakna secara statistik antara tinggi badan menurut kartu Surat Izin Mengemudi SIM terhadap tinggi badan sebenarnya.

According to Article 59 paragraph 1 of Law no.

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Data diperoleh melalui kuesioner dan pengukuran tinggi badan pada responden. Forensic anthropologists can identify deceased or missing individual by estimating the age, sex, heredity and stature of an individual.

Method of taking sample is done randomly in simple way or is called simple random sampling, i. Penelitian dilakukan dengan menggunakan metode analitik dengan rancangan cross sectional.

Analysis results derived p value 0, The Data is presented in the form of frequency distribution tables and narrative text. Populasi penelitian merupakan mahasiswa dan karyawan di Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Lampung dan sampel yang digunakan sebanyak orang yang dipilih secara consecutive sampling.

There was statistically significant difference between body height on driving license and actual height.

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The population of the study was college students and employees at Medical Faculty of Lampung University and sample was selected by consecutive sampling with subjects. Not all of the rear side of the driving license in Indonesia is the same.

It can be proven by indicator; the high level of legal knowledge, understanding of the law, law attitude approval and suit patterns of law behavior within society. Driving License may be revoked at least 2 years if violation referred to no.