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Celebrity photo bombs yahoo dating, spf gets a little pay-back.

Boston is another such city, and Spacey makes sure tourists and casual walkers get their celebrity treatment. She was likely in high spirits as the night was a big win for her as she scooped the award for Best Pop Vocal Album for Stronger.

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It is not who wins on the movie screen, but who wins in the fun department. Kudos for a perfect photobomb. And if she suffers, other celebrity photo bombs yahoo dating have to suffer as well.

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Thelucky lady posed for her partner in the park when The Unusual Suspects star ran over, jumped in the shot and yelled: Good thing Jennifer Lawrence was not there to join in the fun.

He certainly gets a place with many other celebs as the stars most likely to jump into your selfie. Kevin had previously photobombed an unsuspected jogger in Boston. Kevin Spacey photobombs a lady nostrum dating roblox Boston Photo: Anthony Anderson sneaks up on Adrian Grenier Photo: Patton Oswalt photobombs Chris Pine Photo: He just manages to pull a joke or two that can turn even a boring event into an hilarious night.

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This is a classic prank the Joker would do on his friends—or on total strangers—and it suits Leto perfectly. One of the many photobombs Jared Leto made at the Oscars Photo: And Benedict clearly pulled one on Zach.

Prince Harry photobombs model Winnie Harlow Photo: Clearly there was a lot of fierce competition between the two leading ladies that evening. I am not saying Wade is the jealous type; he is just a funny and comedian type. He is just so funny, so interesting and so unique. Then decide which Hollywood star photobombs best!

He opted for the classic and everlasting bunny ears.

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Photobombing, selfies—all of those are new for Stallone and his music friend. Later she explained to British chat show host Graham Norton why she pulled the stunt. The trick with photobombs is to make a funny or disgusting face while the main characters are all serious and poised. And besides, Prince Harry is the fun one, William is the more serious guy.

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After all, Aubrey had no idea she will pop just between Katy Perry and Clinton. The story of love is hello-goodbye.

Well, photobomb the picture of course. After catching sight of the reality star on the red carpet, Jennifer snuck up behind her and decided to pull a funny face — the closest she will probably now get to an authentic Kardashian selfie.

In any way, that he is pointing his finger makes this photobomb that much better.

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Spacey positioned himself so subtly in the shot that only the trained eye is lucky enough to spot him. Not that the Oscars are boring, but Cumberbatch is just plain awesome. Jen, who fiercely guards her private life from the press, invited only a handful of guests to her wedding day.

I must say, Depp looks creepy here, as if he is going to pull Edward Scissorhands on the director.

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Kourtney Kardashian photobombed by Jennifer Saunders Photo: A classic celebrity photobomb is so hilariously priceless that Hollywood is getting more and more into the art of photobombing stars and unsuspecting strangers.

Could reconciliation be in the cards? Even Kevin Spacey knew while on a leisurely jog through a park that it was the perfect time to photobomb tourists. So what does it take to snap a silly shot like a celebrity?

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Despite his serious movies, Clooney has always been a charmer and a funny guy. Everyone else is so nice. No matter how good you look in your dress, Jennifer can make you look funny. Even when she is the victim of a photobomb. Sarah pulled a great one here. Rihanna photobombs Full House reunion Photo: And this picture just needs a photobomb to be funny.

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How can you spoil such a good kiss? Dustin gave her some adorable bunny ears, which she appeared to be completely unaware about, as she attended the premier of the Esio Trot movie in London. I only learned about it afterwards. She wanted a fan photo with Harry, and she ended up being photobombed.

After all, this was when Robert was at the height of his popularity thanks to Twilight, and teenagers all over the world were falling for him.

In fact, the young actress is responsible for quite a few photobombs, and this time, Sarah Jessica Parker was her victim. Bonus points for striking the same pose. Colton chose to photobomb rather than cuddle up!

Hugo Taylor gets photobombed by Spencer Matthews Photo: These Hollywood funny faces range from totally wacky to slightly creepy, or a little bit of both.