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Celeste o norfleet flirting with destiny lfg. Celeste's books | welcome to my web site

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His siblings may have marched down the aisle with hers, yet Adam wasn't approximately to fall for a drifter who did not think in God, or in settling down.

I performed the half given to me and received engaged to the fellow my mom and dad set me up with. But, it is Friday the 13th, and Jacqueline only expects the worse to happen to her on this day.

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Tall, darkish, irresistibly appealing Greg Armstrong oozes effective masculine allure. These issues provide a dose of reality to the developing romance.

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So why may still her success switch whilst she unintentionally rear-ends the auto of her next-door neighbor who seems to be her new boss! And the earlier the higher.

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With only a few minutes left to the day and just around the corner from her house she feels she has everything under control. Kiss through sensual kiss, Greg's falling lower than Jacqueline's seductive spell and beginning to think in fate.

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After a heated discussion, Jacqueline gets Greg to agree that they are co-workers and neighbors, and nothing more. He was once speculated to be my Prince fascinating. Greg left his occupation as a high-powered legal professional in Washington for the slower, serene velocity of Paradise Cove, Arizona.

Will flirting with ardour result in falling in love? This is a sweet fairytale-like story of two people who find love despite trying to avoid it.

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Download e-book for kindle: Jacqueline knows trouble when she sees it, as the special-events manager for Paradise Cove she makes perfect order out of chaos, and drop-dead gorgeous Greg is what fantasies are made of, and he would upset any order in her life.

Much to her chagrin, Jacqueline learns that the car belongs to Greg, who is not only her boss but her downstairs neighbor. The good-looking pilot has no attachment to where the place he and style Eversea fell in love years in the past.

Norfleet has done an amazing job of creating an endearing small town, Paradise Cove, and I hope we will see the characters and the town again in future stories. Norfleet does a great job of showing what an unstoppable couple Jacqueline and Greg are whether it is on a professional or personal level when they accept who they are.

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Is he simply one other romantic catastrophe ready to happen? While this was a tender story, it does tackle several serious issues as immersing oneself into work instead of facing emotional issues, and the current economic environment which is causing governments to look at the services that are provided to its citizens.

That is, until while driving home a black cat crosses, her path and she rams into a car parked in her driveway. He promised me a fortunately ever after, in basic terms he brought a nightmare as an alternative.

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Corps Security in Hope Town: