We recently had Century Link hook up Prism TV in our home. - Fixya We recently had Century Link hook up Prism TV in our home. - Fixya

Century link box receiver hook up, 6 suggested answers

Receiver Tow Hooks

They simply do not care. Do not turn off your Set-Top Box while it boots. Norman Huppert September 15, at 3: The hundreds of calls to customer service due to poor internet service, downed service, bill creep, etc.

Since that time, I have continued receiving bills for both Century Link packages even though I am not using either. I was assured that there would be no interruption in service. Noles October 24, at The truth cannot be denied, but of course a driver would not admit to it if there might be a cost involved.

You may need to consult your TV manual for more information. Either indicates a successful pairing.


The tech gets to our home and of course, it would be betweenpick your time, right? Red connects to the right. While I was on the phone with someone for like the 20th time, it is like they are robots, you have to repeat all your information to them 10, times because they did not understand it the first 99, times.

Not only was an illegal entry seen by a witness, but a person coming by to collect for some building he had done for me reported a Century Link truck had been on his property that very day unattended and cattle had gotten out.

I had this service for several years and it was a constant battle with the service until I finally cancelled the service and bought my own satellite only to continue to have trouble with Century Link when the company was in denial about being on my property without permission and leaving a gate wide open to the extent livestock got out and lost one by being hit on a road by a car.

Hooking Up the Recorder

Then connect the power cord to the Wireless Access Point and plug it in. The internal phone lines were used to transmit the input signal into our house, so there was no way for us to use the phone.

The green Power light will come on when it is completely powered up. I informed Century Link immediately and they insisted that they had a record of landline wiring to my individual suite in my building.

CEO, you ought to be ashamed of yourself for running a company as bad as this one.

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When you try to call, what they say is their cooperate office, you get the same bull and foreign speaking people that you got when you call the numbers. By inputting your account information and clicking the "Show My Options" button, you provide consent to CenturyLink to access your account information, including the services you subscribe to, to respond to your inquiry and inform you of CenturyLink's products and services.

Kimberly Jackson September 21, at 3: I have been on the telephone over 8 times talking to the repair people in the Philippines. At least to close the gates when they leave.

We had 12 GB I believe service; when we moved it was 1.

Centurylink Receiver Installation Review

Step Connect the red, green and blue plugs on each end of the component AV cable from the color-matching AV output jacks on the back of the cable box to any available set of video input jacks on the rear of the surround sound receiver, for example, "Video 1.

Step Attach a second set of audio cables from the audio outs on the receiver to the audio inputs on the TV. Turn the coupler on each end of the cable counter-clockwise to unlock and remove the cable.

As a hub for managing the different components connected to it, the AV receiver hooks up in-between the cable box and the TV with standard AV cables. Which I did, and got a repair order number and was told they would be here between 1 and 5 pm on Sept.

Setting Up your Wireless Access Point

I have made numerous phone calls and bounced between departments without resolution. The final straw had been when the tech could not connect my modem to CO so I could have Internet service.

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I posted the above as an e-mail on their web site and clicked on submit. Plug one end of the HDMI cable - or Component cable or other cable - into the respective port on the back of the Set-Top Box and plug the other end into the respective port on the back of your TV.

Cleveland office on October 28,I contacted Century Link to arrange service transfer. I have had NO service or connection since July 18,yet they continue to bill me.

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Hold time and total conversations with them has been at a minimum 1 hour to 2 hours. Then I called and got a lady on line from Florida that tried to help me, for over 1. I look forward to receiving prompt confirmation that this issue is resolved completely.

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