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His three visits to the Soviet Union—the first in —aided the formulation of his political views, and he subsequently produced political tracts including Rusia en and Reflexiones al pie del Kremlin, first published in Spain and not printed in Peru until almost thirty years later.

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Towards the kingdom of the Sciris is a historic short story dealing with the Incan theme. In his major work Trilce, Vallejo signaled his complete break with tradition by incorporating neologisms, colloquialismstypographic innovationsand startling imagery, with which he sought to express the disparity that he felt existed between human aspirations and the limitations imposed on people by biological existence and social organization.

Marxism seemed to him to be the only way of rectifying the abuses and injustices he saw in society, and two visits to Russia in and served to reinforce his political commitment. A social realist novel depicting the rachel truehart dating christine of native Peruvian miners and their communities by a foreign-owned tungsten mine.

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Trilce Trilce, published inanticipated much of the avant-garde movement that would develop in the s and 30s. It wasn't until that Vallejo found his first stable job in a newly opened press agency and began to receive a monthly grant from the Spanish government to continue his law studies at the University of Madrid.

The text itself is lost, assumed to have been destroyed by Vallejo. Alienation and the Quest for a Super-Reality. In the Judiciary of Peru vindicated Vallejo's memory in a ceremony calling to the poet unfairly accused.

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Vallejo was an ambivalent Marxist. The somber, straightforward works he wrote during this period form a bridge between Trilce and the densely compassionate and bitter poetry he would write in the s. This was Vallejo's best book and ended, for many years, his poetic efforts.

After becoming emotionally and intellectually involved in the Spanish Civil War, Vallejo had a final burst of poetic activity in the late s, producing two books of poetry both published posthumously whose titles and proper organization remain a matter of debate: There are blows in life, so powerful.

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Poems in Los heraldos negros, like most Latin American poetry of that time, follow the conventions of the modernista movement. He moved to Spain during its war years to work as a journalist and lend support to his friends in defense of the Spanish Republic. The grant, plus the income from articles, enabled Vallejo to move into the Hotel Richelieu in and frequent exhibitions, concerts, and cafe He met Antonin Artaud, Pablo Picasso, and Jean Cocteau.

They would later be published in I want to go to Spain!

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It deals with the conflict between a man and his mother-in-law. Fabla Salvaje Literally 'Wild Language', is a short novel which follows the insanity of a character who lives in the Andes. Vallejo left Peru for good in June The poet left jail on behalf of a temporary release.

In his writings, Vallejo was often to remember the security and warmth of his childhood home—games with three of his older siblings, and particularly with his mother, who might have been especially indulgent with her sensitive youngest child.

He studied literature in the Universidad de la Libertad in Trujillo, Peru. After publishing the short story collections Escalas melografiadas and Fabla salvaje inVallejo emigrated to Europe under the threat of further incarceration and remained there until his death in Paris in He also endured poverty and a chronic illness of which he died in Before imprisonment his identification with reform and revolution had been largely theoretical and nominal; thereafter, it was actual and immediate.

It is a curiously subtle, menacing world that he has left us in his mature works.

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He studied literature at University of Trujillo in Trujillo. In he met his first French mistress, Henriette Maisse, with whom he lived until a breakup in October The entire section is 1, words. His funeral eulogy was written by the French writer, Louis Aragon. The book, originally written inwas not published until At the same time the poems are haunted by the dread that meaning does exist, but humanity cannot grasp it.

Gallagher explains in Modern Latin American Literature, highlighted the melodic quality of language; breaking a taboo, Vallejo added erotic lyrics to the descriptions of beautiful landscape common to this style.