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He was just 14 years old when he gave his life while his older brother was 18 years old when they gave their lives for their faith.

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Kudos to Baweja for making this film with the right balance of delicacy and accuracy, and an unpretentious narration. Chaar Sahibzaade 2 is released in Hindi, Punjabi, and English.

Om Puri This motion capture animation film, is a historical faith film. Dialogues are not effective like previews movie. The Khalsa unit created a huge void in the enemy territory and a small circle of about 35 metres within the enemy ground was under the control of the Sikhs.

The film is made on photo realistic 3D animation and to honour religious sentiments, Baweja uses only a picture of Guru Gobind Singh and does not animate it.

I am a Singh, a Lion, of yours.

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Today, what I told my father, I now tell you son. The narration is infused with transparency and holds its ground from beginning to end. Anyone who entered this area of command was immediately challenged and quickly extinguished. Music is one of the strongest aspects of the narration as it helps take the chaar sahibzaade review uk dating forward.

Story based on- This movie is based on a history event when Punjabi people struggled a lot. Well, The movie is getting the very good response not just by the Punjabi people even from whole north India. He also used a Khanda double-swordwith which he killed the enemy as a farmer mows down his crop.

Background music is not that good. Otherwise, why should I have taken this path of taking up the sword? Negative point of the movie- This movie has stuck competition from Bollywood movies.

Then rose a sect, caste being no bar, from among the suppressed, baptised by Guru Gobind Singh, The Khalsa. Produced by- Harry Baweja.

Baba Jujhar Singh also ready Watching his brother Baba Ajit Singh attain Shaheedi, Baba Jujhar Singh desired to fight in the battlefield, as well, even though doing so meant certain death. So, Critics are expecting the good bucks from the overseas too. Linguini incident online dating Sahib wrote in his composition, the Zafarnama: Makers are already looking quite confident for this movie they are saying that the movie chaar sahibzaade review uk dating an inspirational journey for the people.

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Dialogue and voiceovers not only make story realistic but also bring out the essence of the screenplay. The design and creation of the animation along with its 3D effects, are first rate for a Hindi film and worth a mention. His talent for storytelling with poise is bravura.

It looked as if Ajit Singh had come back. No one had the courage to enter into this circle of control. This new force of six Khalsas soldiers killed many hundreds of the enemy; many simply ran away. Directorially, Bajwa impresses with the delicacy with which he weaves the screenplay. This movie is the sequel to the movie Chaar Sahibzaade which is a history based Punjabi 3D animated movie.

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Guru saw that Jujhar Singh was being surrounded and the opportunity to kill the Mughal soldiers was decreasing. Inwhen he was eight years old, he received holy Amrit at the rites of Khalsa initiation, called Amrit Sanskar.

Guru sahib continued to give protection cover with arrows for almost 30 minutes, but none of the 5 Singhs or Baba were hit or injured by the arrows. Ironically, the writing also quotes Rabindranath Tagore.

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It is also packed with the teachings of Guru Gobind Singh. Final Verdict- Well, this movie is surely going to make a good profit from the box office because people have a buzz for this movie.

To them this appeared like a repeat of the same disaster that had befallen them an hour or so ago.

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Chaar Sahibzaade November 7, When you depict history that has religion as its backbone, you need to have conviction to stand by your film. The film is inspiring.

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There were a total of 10 Singhs left. With no onscreen gore, the screenplay ensures to be audience sensitive. This movie is already released today at the box office and doing so good business in some areas like Delhi, Haryana, Mumbai, and overseas countries like Canada, Australia, and the UK.

Chaar Sahibzaade movie director: As they ran out of ammunition and arrows, Sikhs inside split themselves into batches of five each who would go out one after the other to engage the besiegers in hand to hand combat. Each frame is attractive and impressive.

The script, credited to Harman and Harry Baweja, is replete with history, but not without its fair share of flaws. With a runtime of minutes, there is rarely a dull moment.

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Sukwinder Singh, Diljit Dosanjh and Amrinder Gill with their mellifluous voices beautifully render the ardas or prayers along with the hymns. Jujhar Singh led the last sally towards the end of the day 7 Decemberand laid down his life fighting near the place where he had earlier seen his elder brother fall.

Guru added, "I asked my father to give his life for "dharam" righteousness and justice.

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Overall, this epic story will appeal only to Sikhs and those who have a keen interest in history. Although high on content, it will be difficult for this film to sustain at the ticket counter. He lacks the passion in his storytelling and it shows. He was now surrounded and had a [[Neja spear in his hand.

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However, due to the huge number of enemy soldiers, Baba eventually attained Shaheedi but died a hero's death in the fight against tyranny and falsehood.

The production values are absolutely top-notch and are a perfect marriage of screenplay and technology.

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Positive point of the movie- This movie has good direction and production work. May the Almighty be with you always" Guru Sahib gave blessings to Baba Jujhar Singh just like a father gives blessings to the bride on the day of her marriage. All in all, it is a praiseworthy effort.

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They may be cut apart, piece by piece, but they never leave the field of battle. The voiceover artistes are also anonymous for the same reason. By the time it became necessary to leave Anandpur under the pressure of a besieging host in DecemberJujhar Singh, nearing the completion of his fifteenth year, was an experienced young warrior, strong and fearless.

The film starts in an era where Turkish and Mughal invaders rained atrocities and conversions on the people of India. The Mughals were shocked at what they saw.

Baba Jujhar Singh chose to attack another section of the enemy. He had observed the enemy and chose to attack the section who were showing more aggression against the Sikhs in the mud-fort then the rest of the enemy.

However, Guru Sahib did not leave quietly. Well, this movie is going to teach people about the history of Punjab so I am sure that you all are going to love this movie for sure.