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Chae soo bin and lee sang yeob dating, 5 k-dramas to watch if you're a new fan of i'm not a robot's chae soo bin

Lee sang yeob

He is best friends with her brother. He sincerely deserved the best but the writers thought otherwise. He loves music but is forced to stop by his dad.

Give Love Away I watched this drama with my mom as it was airing and we both immediately became attached to his character.

He also coincidentally meets a girl whom he falls in love with—their love story is so sweet but sad too.


He's basically the comic relief in this drama as lots of his expressions and actions can be over-the-top at times - I loved his character and his friendship with the main lead.

His character is nonetheless unforgettable.

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And the writers didn't let you leave with happiness either. It broke our hearts.

Before Fame

I cried by the end of this, it felt as if my soul had been crushed. And I loved his relationship with Chae Soo Bin.

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I really loved his character, he was so playful, goofy, silly, adorable and charming! He then enters his dad's company and learns how to become a real worker and leader. He plays an orphan who grew up with 3 friends at an orphanage.

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The writers were just too cruel to me. They have all suffered from violent crimes which affected their families and lead them to meet.

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He is a very loyal and trustworthy friend who will do anything even place himself in danger—more than once for his friends—to keep them safe and protect them. As with all family dramas, there is also a secret related to the main characters.

God of Noodles He was my favourite character in this drama, his character and love line were the best things in this. I enjoyed this drama even with its depressive atmosphere.

In 1 episode:

His friends mean the world to him, they became his family. He's funny, kind, and embarrassed about a thing in his past. I vividly remember a scene where he comes home and cries with his dad listening.

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His guest role was heart-wrenching. I loved his character and his love line as well as a couple of his sisters.

Despite my absolute love for his character, this drama is not one of my favourites because of how it all ends.

Bluebird House A rich kid who learns about love when he meets a girl he falls hard for.