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Changmin and victoria dating allkpop running, want to add to the discussion?

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It is said that she is now preparing for establishment of her own agency in China.

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Both of them have yet made any comments on that. And again, she mentioned 2PM as the most active group in asking girls idol out. Kangin is free from plastic surgery and the real definition of handsome Korean man specially when he lost weight.

Not in a term of a stable relationship but like going out together. Idols do dating each other.

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Onew is always hard to approach but not as hard as now. That immortal thread because I want to hear her view about it.

No Group-specific Fluff Forbidden: His changmin and victoria dating allkpop running came to the show and she can see KHJ is just as normal as his friends.

None of them ever dated their stylist noona. The nicest person is Sungmin and Donghae and the most annoying one for her, again is Shindong.

Could someone give me the 411 on the Victoria/Changmin saga?

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Thank God Khuntoria is a big success that still can help F x to maintain the popularity. Hwayoung even eating lunch with the crew and not the member. The government knows exactly how big is the contribution SM made for Korea economy and culture.

F(x)’s Victoria and TVXQ’s Changmin are dating?

The real Hyuna is not bitchy at all. He said that he had gone to the game with another friend when he noticed Yoona sitting at a distance. Owh my friend told me once about Yuri could be in a relationship with an actress Son Ye Jin? They are so focusing on EXO now because they invested a silly huge amount of money on them already.

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7 Mysterious Dating Scandals That Left Fans Suspicious

He looks up to Siwon so much wow, like a surprise there! Well, BB is love to party except Daesung which is not a secret anymore.

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The most decisive proof was the picture that Victoria posted on her Instagram, in which she was eating something with a man alone, but the image was too small to identify the man. If you dislike a group, ignore threads about them. They are good band mates. Her JYP colleague told her once that Jay is not the leader, at all.

After the dating, they were going to kiss.

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Yan was getting his pictures taken by paparazzis when he visited the hotel that Victoria stayed, which led to a decisive romantic relationship between the two.

Include English Translations Articles that are entirely in Korean must include an English translation or detailed summary. He loves to make jokes backstage and laughing. Minho really tries his best to be such a perfection.

F(x)’s Victoria sends “I love you” text to TVXQ’s Changmin

Seung Ho is a moody person. They were also seen to be together. So here they are: She was working as a make up artist and a wardrobe assistant for 6 years until last July and shared some insight view of the industry we were talking until 4 in the morning.

I think Siwon is trying to keep it straight My friend was laughing when she heard some are suspicious Kyuhyun is gay. She dates about twice with another idol but never in a relationship, she thinks.

But yeah, maybe bisexual is more accurate. The same thing goes to Hyori and Rain. Luna is really a kind-hearted person, she said.


Well… she is sure Key is pure gay. Well, Yoona is not her fave member or her least like member. He is a nice guy. LOL, i think it runs in the blood.

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Inshe made her debut as a member of the girl group f x. How her fan think about her lover Victoria repeatedly made her fans anxious by the rumors that she was dating with someone, so they seem to be get used to it.

None of them are heavy smoker.

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I mean, member A could be reaaalllyyyy close with member B but not that close with member C or prefer going alone rather than going with member D which I think is normal. Sunny is not that pleasant.

The guy is not an idol. They were often getting their pictures taken that they enjoyed their matching items, such as straps, bags, and so on. She said some SM staff told her that Onew is really considering to quit from the business.