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If you rule the air and the land I'm the one that gets water If this battle had charizard vs blastoise yahoo dating title it'd be called Charizard's slaughter!

Charizard & Blastoise

Rushing to my victory and this is now the Dragon Age! Charizard you retard just withdraw from the fight Your face is an eyesore, just get out of my sight You're aqua tailing me in this rap competition And by the time I wrap up this verse your ass'll be finished Venusaur don't get me started on your ugly ass You and your prevolutions just belong in the trash Grass sucks ass yeah we know that water's the best Just look at your face bitch, you failed the stress test!

I got the Thick Fat, you dumbass dickheads can't be affecting me So with a Double-Edged bitch slap I'll leave you to rest in peace I may be toxic and gross but I don't need a Substitution At least I wasn't so worthless they gave me two evolutions Charizard: Let me vine whip you into shape, make you listen to your master!

In this battle I'm the strongest, bitch it's no recursos piscicolas yahoo dating Fire's the worst choice to start with, don't deny I'm the best!

Well here comes the flame When I aim you could say that I'm in a rampage Venusaur you're a bore don't ever try again Because a single flamethrower spells out your life's end When it comes to super smash bros, I've been selected Don't even try to rap back you're not very effective I'll flame burst you in half, and to me you're no match I've been fishin for bitches and it looks like I got a catch Blastoise: Better be wary you know I'm scary always bringin' a bitter berry Fuckzard and Fuckasaur beating me?

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Time to start this off with the biggest baddest verse! I'm like Moltres I spit raps like I'm a pyro Venusaur how you gonna fight a fuckin' forest fire? You wanna fuckin fight? I'm protected from your attacks, you just can't hurt me Water cannons on my back I'm almost pseudo legendary Mega Blastoise: Don't even try to fight back I got a Rain Dish, bitch You and the grass type catastrophe here just make me sick Venusaur why're you here bitch I'll aura sphere your rear Catch a glimpse of my scary face and learn true fear I can't see your victory, that outcome is Hazy Blastoise losing this battle, well that's fucking crazy!

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I think that I found a pebble Times four disadvantage to rock you'll get left in the rubble I'll leech seed all your health so you'll be out on the floor And then you'll know not to mess with me anymore!

Let the world know that you suck like Edward Cullen! I'm the best starter around and you two are the worst! I've been waiting for this moment and tonight's the night I'm beating both your asses without my Venusaurite I spit a lyrical frenzy plant yeah you know you can never match up You may have an advantage but you need to shut the fuck up Charizard, you scared?

Overgrown and Overthrown, that's what you two will be I've Grown to hate you completely, that's my one guarantee How fun, a Sunny Day has seemed to cheer you up nicely But a Solarbeam to the kisser will be what makes me win this fight, see Mega Venusaur: No wonder you're part poison your raps are just pollution I'm the motherfucker with two megaevolutions Somebody tell Squirtle to take off those shades Then tell Blastoise that he raps like AIDS While you're in the kiddy pool I'm flying with dragons man I'm sure we all know I rule the air and the land!

Blastoise you're so slow man, hell, even I'm faster!

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In this fight you'll get a smite and I'm gonna tell you why hey bitches this is my battle and you don't get a second try Poll.

You're in my world and now I've entered an outrage! I'll leave you Venus-Sore and I don't even have to try For even one of my Tackles would leave you pussies to cry Charizard: Blastoise your time's up time to throw you out I've Mega Evolved again your rhymes'll fall into a drought!