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People started to catch on and realised that Iqraar by chance 2018 online dating could be what they were looking for, a direct link to Dan and Phil.

History and Controversy

I explained I didn't mean malice though and since then I've been loyally sharing updates on Twitter. I did it once ages ago and he didn't appreciate it. He stayed completely silent through it all.

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And I am glad. But I took it personally, and this was years ago. They don't like me. Phil unfollowed him on social media in early They didn't even try to fix what they did.

He always said how he would be there for him, even though he probably hated him, even though Phil probably didn't want anything to do with Charlie. So it went on for a few years until at the end of he went completely offline.

Don't you feel awkward when you go to SitC and see Phil? Phil did the same thing with Dan as he did with Charlie. The four of them were friends up until Charlie and Stephen's messy breakup in that resulted in Charlie breaking Stephen's nose.

Despite Dan and Phil becoming closer, Charlie and Phil still continued to talk to each other on social media. They hate me, they don't like me, their fans. I was a massive fangirl of these two Youtubers who were very big in the UK, a massive fangirl back in This is the thing, I don't like saying because every time I even say their names, their massive group of fans-- massive group of fans-- of these two Youtubers-- Shane: The first time they met was on March 9th He left the internet completely, as far as we know at least.

He still occasionally posted videos, even after deleting all of his older ones. Dan normally stays away from arguments, or tries to not make things escalate any further. I was very naive and stuff, and like obviously they would get so many emails, they didn't reply or anything.


They're one of the reasons that I started, I think they're great people. You all probably know about the fact I spoke with him online early Do you still like Phil?

Outsiders would think they were making fun of eachother but they were just playing around. The day everything changed One fateful day inCharlie decided to take his jokes further.

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So who have you had beef with? Emma Blackery briefly mentions Charlie and his relationship with Dan and Phil twice in After saying that he was fine. It's a vocal minority that really don't like me. After a series of especially confrontative tweets in Dan removed Charlie as a friend on all his social media accounts.

A few other YouTubers caught on and chose their sides. It all came down to one person. They full on went after each other. They did go to vegas together, however, of which the story is vaguely talked about in the Amazing Book Is Not On Fire.

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Dan and Phil reportedly chose Byrne's side, Charlie's ex, which did not sit well with Charlie. His jokes went so far that it hit a nerve with Dan.

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The phandom killed it. We were hanging around and talking for like a while, and it was awesome.

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Charlie went to Phil in Manchester and Phil went to London. People were praying for the best.

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Slowly they started to see each other less, that is where Dan came in. Charlie, Phil and Dan were still friends. In the period, Charlie made a few comments about his relationship with Phil, though ultimately none were entirely clear and Phil has certainly never offered up any perspective from his end.

They were still friends, but Dan and Phil became more and more popular. In and Charlie also became increasingly hostile towards Dan on social media and tweeted a number of inflammatory things - joking about phan, Dan's sexuality, calling Dan an asshole, and similar things.

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It was a full on argument on Twitter. They held Skype calls and visited each other. But it didn't end too well for him.