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Few months later[ edit ] Chandrakanta returns as Suryakanta Pooja Banerjee with a revamped avatar to find charu mehra dating advice that Veer had forgotten about the past time he has spent with her and has become a ruthless warrior under Iravati.

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After a lot of events and turns, Queen Iravati finally succeeded to kill Chandrakanta and gets the Dagger. He fights off and defeats the dyskotekowe mixy dating sent by his mother and saves Chandrakanta on several occasions and also fights his stepbrother Swayam Shaad Randhawathe beast and defeats him in quite a few occasions but is unable to kill him.

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After resurrecting Veer back to life Chandrakanta finds out that Veer has received a new form of power which is the form of Narsimha a powerful form like the Avatar of Lord Vishnu and finds out that Veer is the divine warrior and is chosen to put an end to the despotic rule of Queen Iravati and Swayam.

He goes to Suryagarh and initially, pretends to be a lover of Chandrakanta in order to take revenge but as time went by, developed soft feelings and starts loving her.

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Ratnaprabha stores the dagger at Lord Vishnu's temple to protect it and pass it to Chandrakanta after 21 years.

Chandrakanta Madhurima Tuliraised by a poor fisherman couple, gets the dagger, but she doesn't know what she had acquired.

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Finally Veer finds out that Swayam is immortal as blessed by Lord Vishnu and then he gives up his life fighting the beast and protecting Chandrakanta. Iravati Urvashi Dholakiaan evil queen wants the dagger to rule the whole world and conquers Vijaygarh.

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After a long hurdle Veer regains his memory and finds out the truth about his mother and Chandrakanta and then decides to oppose his mother. Plot[ edit ] Chandrakanta is born to Ratnaprabha Shilpa Sakhlania great Ayyara magicianwho has the most powerful dagger of Lord Vishnu.

Iravati emotionally blackmails Veer that she is suffering from black magic done by a girl with dagger mark on her body. Chandrakanta then as advised by Lord Vishnu injects Swayam's blood in Veer's body and resurrects him which shows some changes in his eyes which indicates that there is some change which has happened to Veer and in the mean time Tej Ajay AryaVeer's friend, Umang Nirmal SoniChandrakanta's friend and Bhadra Maa Maleeka R Ghai gets captured and tortured by Iravati to find out Chandrakanta.

Finally Chandrakanta teaches Veer to learn to control his new found powers and finally after a long fight Veer takes the form of the great Narsimha and kills Swayam and finally puts an end to the terror of Hirnasur.