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Cheap Trick - All Shook Up (1980)

May dating meta ua mail, 4 replies Release Date: This is the first Cheap Trick album with no standout tracks.

And yet, bizarrely, it's redeemed in places by the over the top rifferamma and, luckily for the listener, some of the bonus tracks are much better than some of the material on the original album. But All Shook Up gives a different picture.

Progress of the previous two albums that could have produced the desired effect was thrown aside leaving behind indistinct result.

Album: All Shook Up

The LP feels more like a collection of B-sides that deservingly and undeservingly could not find a spot on Dream Police. All of this resulted in All Shook Up being the first miss for Cheap Trick that nevertheless is not devoid of its own somewhat inconspicuous charm. The melodic invention of the first four albums has disappeared and at times this cheap trick all shook up reviews uncannily like a blueprint for the Darkness.

But please do not think the remaining tracks are a failure, far from it. A single rather convincing example of these overtures is High Priest of Rhythmic Noise, which nicely combines trademark energy and modern for the time, of course technologies.

On the one hand, the band could rejoice at their success enjoying all kinds of perks and bonuses. It seems that prior to working on All Shook Up the well of the chief songwriter Rick Nielsen started to run dry, which is really unsurprising given his excellent work on the first four albums. Description Whilst intermittently enjoyable it's obvious that the golden period enjoyed by Cheap Trick had came to an end with this album.

Robin Zander's vocals are more histrionic than on their first four studio albums and it's obvious that Rick Nielsen's muse was beginning to desert him.

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If It wasn't for the bonus tracks I would have been tempted to give this only two stars. It's a poor, poor song. It's produced by George Martin, and what he brought to this is anybody's guess, but I doubt anybody could have made this album any better.

At the moment of release of their fifth album, All Shook Up, the status quo of the Rockford four had changed in the long desired way.

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So what was the response of Cheap Trick to such closer attention to their personas" It would be enough to look at the rating above to realize the response was rather mixed. In addition to that, there is another factor impacting the final result.

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And it's lighters more… aloft time again for 'World's Greatest Lover' which the sleeve proclaims as a "elegiac Lennonesque ballad". From the get-go with 'Stop The Game', which is passable but can best be thought of as their first spandex ballad, there's a sense that Cheap Trick's jump the shark moment might have arrived.

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Speaking of that, it indicates of the major things wrong with this album. The album may have gone gold, but it doesn't shine too bright. Whilst Cheap Trick can rock like a ton of bricks there's a dearth of inspiration here.

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A wider audience started to recognize the name of Cheap Trick, their latest album Dream Police sold like hotcakes, simultaneously increasing the sales of the previous releases. Such reshuffle yields a commendable attempt by the band to experiment, shake things up and present something surprising to the yearning audience and it sets a certain level of expectations to those awaiting practically a second coming of the Liverpool four.

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One can see humble and uncertain half-steps towards a more experimental sound instead of a firm tread of the band willing to rattle their bag of tricks and gimmicks. Cheap Trick decided to change horses in midstream and Tom Werman who they worked with since In Color was replaced the highly respected in certain circles George Martin, the producer with an already claimed place in pop music history thanks to his collaboration with The Beatles.