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Do not change any other settings unless advised. After creation of your address, you can view your s on the Web from the website using your account.

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Check the USB cable for loose connection. Note The Broadband Modem should be handled with care. For other versions of Windows the steps may differ slightly. Note for users already having -ids - Customers can continue to use Web based services from other service providers.

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Make sure that all the options are un-checked. Internet Explorer version 6. The settings in the Modem should not be changed unless advised as it may effect the functioning of broadband connection.

Try opening some websites, if the sites are still not opening, please call MTNL for support.

Unlimited Usage Broadband Plans

Click on the link - Change service passwords. Customers are advised to verify this with their address service providers.

The following are covered in this section - 1. For your Broadband Account your Telephone No. Note Please be careful while entering the new password. Note the above addresses and perform PING test on them to verify connectivity to broadband network.

Check the power supply and power chord. Open the page, This is your Modem's User interface. Remove and Reinsert the cable on Modem.

This Users Guide contains general information to help you utilise our services effectively.

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Connectivity between Modem and Broadband Network - To verify the above connectivity open the management interface of Modem.

This opens a DOS window. The Format shall be Please allow a day for creation. Perform the following steps to further diagnose- Check the Ethernet cable for loose connection.

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In case the password has been changed recently, verify that the password has been set properly Refer How to Sectionelse reset the password on Modem and again verify the status of WAN connection. Confirm that you are getting reply from as shown below If the reply is not received it indicates connectivity problem between PC and Modem.

Phone port for connecting the telephone instrument. If still disconnected register your complaint with MTNL. The format shall be This is the web interface of Broadband Modem.

If the Modem is connected to PC on an Ethernet port, no settings on the PC shall be required normally to begin browsing. Click on Add Address option on left side of the page.

However, in case the USB port is used for connection, the PC shall have to be set-up for using the Broadband connection. The username for sending and receiving mails shall be your -id without the suffix i. If still the LED does not glow, this indicates possible telephone line problem.

Note - The status of address creation request can be viewed on the web selfcare page using the link View Services. How to check the Broadband account usage? The POTS Splitter is used to separate voice and data signals enabling both Voice and Internet simultaneously on the same telephone line.

Your Account Summary shall be displayed as per the figure given below.

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Select the Status TAB as shown above. This software is available on the CD supplied with the Modem. DSL port for connecting the Broadband modem. The CA Number is available on the telephone bill.

Type cmd and select OK.

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MTNL Broadband customers can view their usage logs on-line. The following window is displayed - Submit your choices for addresses Note -id can be a combination of alphabets and numbers, but not starting with a number.

MTNL Broadband Usage

However no special characters or symbols can be used. On successful Login your account details are displayed. After your connection has been set-up please follow the procedure given in How to's section to change your password. Wait for minutes till all the LED's on the Modem attain normal state.

Verify connectivity by running PING as explained above.