The Taste Finale: Did Charlie Sheen's Personal Chef, Khristianne, Whip Up a Win? | E! News The Taste Finale: Did Charlie Sheen's Personal Chef, Khristianne, Whip Up a Win? | E! News

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No reason for that nonsense.

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In Lefebvre's kitchen, he gave all his attention to Schiear thinking she needed the help and Drusinsky didn't. Schiear came in third, DiMeo second and the judges chose Uy as the winner. Great shot of Lefebvre taking off his helmet, looking hot, but the other ones? Here's a look at last night's finale.

Chef Khristianne Uy

Yes, she deserved it, but you screaming and going nuts was just plain unattractive. Uy, who is also Charlie Sheen's personal chef, stood out the entire competition and definitely deserved the win.

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She did a Peking duck with chive pancake, seafood bouillabaisse and a braised short rib. The chef who prepared the spoons Andres liked the least was sent home before the final challenge.

Celebrity Chef

Thank god the judging was completely blind -- something the judges should have done the entire season. DiMeo went for refined flavors on the suggestion of her mentor Bourdain, Schiear played it safe, Drusinsky pulled inspiration from his time cooking in Barcelona, and Uy went with bold flavors.

Lefebvre admitted he thought Drusinsky got himself into the finale and didn't need help, then he flips out at the last five minutes and tells Dursinsky his food is not enough to get him through. Uy impressed with her mix of Portugese and Filipino flavors.

You needed to mentor both of them, not just the pretty blond one. Lefebvre was wrong and Andres ended up sending Drusinsky home.

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DiMeo prepared all seafood courses while Schiear -- surprise, surprise -- kept things safe with Arctic char and potatoes, seared duck breast with red wine sauce and beef tenderloin with creamy shallot confit.

We saw Nigella Lawson getting out of the back of a car with her hair rollers, Anthony Bourdain getting his hair towel dried, Brian Malarkey getting his makeup done and Ludo Lefebvre driving in on a motorcycle.

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For the final challenge, the remaining ladies prepared three courses with wine pairings. Jose Andres acted as guest judge, then mentor.

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The show starting with odd shots of the mentors arriving at the studio. Can't believe I'm going to say this but I felt sorry for Drusinsky being eliminated.

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Malarkey rubbing it in everyone's face that his girl Uy won.