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It was important that they let the piece speak for itself.

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The pair received the first standing ovation of the night from the judges. Nigel tells Chehon that he didn't come up to Nigel's standards, but his final solo was impressive.

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She tells them this is their most defining moment yet in the competition. In all honesty, when I heard I had contemporary, I was extremely excited. I just thought he did jazz. Guest judge Kenny Ortega tells Chehon to surrender to the choreography and believe in himself because he's so talented and so capable of handling himself on the show.

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She also got to go on tour with Janet Jackson. Lythgoe also hinted at which elements of the results show were likely to be carried over into the new format, suggesting the group and guest dance routines would be shown priority over guest musical acts.

During the results, Chehon was announced safe due to his Bollywood in Week 2. What was your take on the story while you danced it? Format changes[ edit ] In JanuaryFox announced that So You Think You Can Dance would be returning for its ninth season in a format similar to that seen in season one; a single two-hour episode per week, eliminating each week's results show.

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Ade is busy teaching master classes across America. I completely trusted her because she just has that certain maturity about her that I could feed off. I would have been really happy for Cyrus if he won, because he showed such fortitude.

He makes me want to get all primal on that sexy torso of his.

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She tells the pair that was one of the most beautiful things she's ever saw in her life and tells Chehon he is a stunning dancer. Since then he has been touring with Madonna on her Rebel Heart tour. In my head, there was nothing in the suitcase. Some of them have worked on amazing music videos and tours.

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Top 20 Finalists[ edit ]. She also came out as a lesbian since the show aired. During the results, Chehon was announced safe due to his contemporary in Week 3. Guest judge Michael Nunn tells Chehon that if he ever needs a job, he can come to them.

It involves weight placement, the way you place your hands around the waist when she goes to turn. Even if I hated doing them, every routine helped me gain something.

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But she has since been a professional dancer on Dancing With the Stars. Edit Classically-trained Chehon is sent in with fellow ballet dancer Daniel Baker.

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I want to go more into commercial work now. Every season there seems to be one or a couple male contestants that captivate the hearts and eyes of teenage girls and horny gay men everywhere.

He tells the couple that they were fantastic and praises Chehon, telling him it was the first time he saw joy. Gotta support my fellow Filipino, plus he has a bullet lodged in his shoulder.

She also had roles on Glee and Rock of Ages. Yeah, I was very surprised.

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For example, in Week 2, the first week of the competition to feature eliminations in this case a double eliminationthe judges decided which two of the six dancers in danger they wished to save without asking for additional solos.

She has moved on to teaching at the Millennium Dance Complex company. In previous seasons, all dancers who were in danger of elimination were automatically assigned to perform such solos but in season 9 the judges, taking into advisement the dancers' previous performances and the advice of the choreographers who have worked with them, will decide each week which if any dancers will perform solos.

I obviously wished we did something a little more explosive, something where we both would have been able to showcase our strengths. Now she has been acting and dancing. Guest judge Christina Applegate praises Stacey Tookey for the choreography.