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Then, draw the correct straight line or curve. For all the points, their diameter should not be larger than half a small chemistry as level practical tips on dating.


Answer the questions based on the experiment and its observations and results. To test for these ions, NaOH is added followed by the addition of Al foil and heated. Your diagram should be clear and neat.

When calculating gradient for a line, always remember to draw a large triangle on the graph paper 1 Mark.

AS Level Chemistry Practical Paper 3

Try to keep your graph clean and visible. Certain topics may require understanding of earlier topics, so make sure you understand those topics.

The points should be accurate to half a small square. Use a suitable scale for both axis and do not use any odd scales such as 3: You have to record the full observations.

Make sure the burette is closed before adding solutions to it. That is why aqueous ammonia is known as a weak alkali with a pH of about 9.

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Once you have understood, it will be quite easy to remember and you will be unlikely to forget any of the points. Please recommend this blog to your friends. If you do so and any of the answers or solutions is wrong, marks will be deducted. If it is added to a solution, and the solution then warmed in a water bath; if the purple color of the solution disappears then in the solution either an aldehyde or alcohol is present.

Most of the time this silver mirror will not be visible, so black precipitate is enough to test for the presence of aldehyde.

The Best Chemistry AS and A Level Notes

Try to memorize the smell of ammonia. It is very well written and it is more optimized for learning, application and memory association than the textbooks. If you don't have time to draw the graph, try to do as much as you can like plotting two or three values cat and single woman then making the line instead of all the points or even writing the quantities on the axes can gain your marks.

So you should be looking for yellow precipitates and ignore the color of the solution. One last thing and this is really important; understand the chemistry as level practical tips on dating before doing it, if you can't then try drawing diagrams on a paper to help you visualize what you are going to do and if you still don't get it then skip that part you can do it in the end unless it is related to any other part, if so then just try to copy whatever is instructed in the question.

Welcome To My Blog! When you write the observation for some gas that is released, always include a confirmatory test.


When revising, go through all the explanation, facts and examples for calculation questions in my notes or in the reference book. Make sure that you understand how every question is solved. You may also need to give your own opinions. My name is Daniel Lim Jhao Jian.

AS Level Chemistry Practical Paper 3 | GCE Guide

Make sure that you truly understand each sentence before moving on to the next sentence. Always read carefully the names of the solutions before working with them, 1 small mistake and you might have to start from the beginning. You are advised to write down the formula used to solve the question, even though it is not compulsory to do so.

Then, choose the most suitable answer among the options. If you do so, marks may not be given for the extra answers, and marks may be deducted if any of them is wrong. Iodide and chloride ions belong to Group VII halide ions. Polystyrene cup — lower heat capacity 4 Use larger quantities of reacting substances.

The scales should be chosen such that the points plotted on graph cover at least half of the graph paper. For digital instruments except digital stopwatchthe number of decimal places used should be the same as that shown on the display.

There may be more as well depending upon the nature of the experiment. In that case, you have to remember and memorise those facts. Remember that anything when it is added to 2,4 DNPH will turn yellow because it has a yellow color.

A good idea is to use the white tile or if you're not provided with it then use your paper as the background when looking at the test tube. Nothing happens if the litmus is not damp!

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Plot all points on the graph accurately. You need to apply your Chemistry practical skills when carrying out the experiment. Double check when marking the points, 1 mistake and in some cases you might mess up the whole graph.

Another gas that is produced on addition of dilute acids is SO2 which indicates the presence of SO ions.

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If you spell a non-Chemistry term wrongly or if you make grammatical errors in your answer, marks will not be deducted as long as the examiner can understand what you are writing. You should spell all Chemistry and experimental terms correctly.

Marks are usually not deducted for spelling errors in experimental and Chemistry terms as long as it still sounds the same and that it is not easily confused with other terms.

The line or curve should not be deviated to accommodate them. The best fit line has to be drawn, which means that line must an average of all the values. Do not replace them with other terms that are inappropriate, even if their meaning are the same.

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However, sometimes you may need to make some changes in order to suit the question. You can visit your library or National Library in Victoria Street to consult reference books.

If your final answer is wrong but some of your working is correct, you may still be given some marks. Then, calculate the mean titre for the 2 accurate titrations. If you're quick at experiments then I recommend washing the apparatus with distill water before using.

O Level Chemistry Practical Tips

You have to think carefully and relate the question to what you have learnt. Your graph should cover more than half of the provided graph paper along both axes. Note that these are only the general answers, but you have to give more specific answers based on the question.

They contain many many clues! You should not skip any important steps. First heat gently then strongly.

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Make sure that you understand the experiment given and know what the question is asking for. If the question asks on something that is not in my notes and the reference books the question requires you to apply what you have learnt in Chemistry or give your own opinionthen you have to answer in your own sentences.