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If yes, then they will walk up to the stage and express their interest and she can accept or decline. Oh the mystery continues.

非常完美 – Fei Chan Wan Mei – Chinese dating show

So there have been a lot debates how real these dating shows are, and i think especially this one has been under the spotlight of being rather fake. Usually the female guest have really nice outfits, more on the cute side.

Real or Fake tears?! They wanted to create a character they wanted her to be. They learn how the bachelor are only based on Weibo and the things they see on the show.

Fei chang wan mei (2009) Trilha sonora

So she choose one guy from the bench to switch with the guy she has the least interest in out of the 15 active bachelors. P haha but yet, the funny parts are still funny to watch.

Her hair and style reminds me of the Swedish singer Loreen. I was first introduced to this show by a friend, who said that one of the girls she knows was on the show, so I watched the 30 minutes she was on the show, but never fell for it.

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Because my friends knows her, she told me about a lot of things that was not true, like her occupation and other small details. Girls come to the show and confess to their bachelor, and say they love them, erm LOVE?

This is the start of why I stamped this show as fake from the very beginning, and also I can see that some tears are fake, some guys confess to way too many girls, and say that they like them, but just in the prior episode he confessed to another girl and said the same thing.

Her top is a No-No for me, it looks rather old, and is that leather flaps?!

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I just looked up a few, I will certainly continue to talk about her fashion on the show. She will pick the guy she liked the best and the guy she liked the least on an Ipad.

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But after myself being obsessed with it, I totally understand their feelings now. The seats are the seats for the 15 bachelors, on the side we have two relationship counselor and the round stage in the middle is where the MC and the female guest stands.

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They try to squeeze the little eye fluid they have, but in the end, nothing comes out failothers are rather good with their tears, but real or not, only they can tell. Relationship counselor I am not sure if you get the idea, but yeah.

After getting to know the female guest, the 15 bachelors can decided if they like to confess to her or not. There is a lot of tears and and cheesiness going on, on this show.

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Most of them pass the fashion test. Why do they put a dress on her where the shoulder part seems to live its own life. Okay, enough about the the bashing of the fakeness of the show. You understand her long multi-colored cardigan?