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Last year she bought a used Impala. The 9-speed automatic version equates to the same 35 mpg combined, but with 30 mpg city and 45 mpg on the highway. The MyLink infotainment system seems complicated but turns out it's pretty intuitive once you start exploring it.

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For reference, we achieved just over miles in one tank with the last-generation Cruze Diesel, as well, but the tank is a notable 2. Add the extra weight of the hatchback and that drops to 47 mpg will and reina dating website. With almost 16 gallons of fuel you'll have somewhere between and miles of highway cruze-ing before your next fuel stop.

The interior of the Chevrolet Cruze is nicely designed with an airy feeling and big, accommodating front seating.

We drove over and traded the Impala for the Cruze turbo diesel. Chevrolet went the latter route, cramping both headroom and legroom in the back and pinching the doors to allow a wider front entry. The large infotainment screen and lifted European-style dashboard creates a nice feel in the front of the Cruze.

The diesel engine is quiet. These might be needed relatively often if you're in the habit of using voice controls, however, as Chevy still hasn't quite mastered voice recognition software. Diesel pumps remain a mature and abundant infrastructure network all over the world.

Though even Hyundai seems to understand the appeal in a performance hatch, as seen with the i30 N sold oversees, and the upcoming Veloster N for here in the States. The latest Cruze diesel does more with less. The Jetta diesel accounts for about 20 percent of Jetta sales in the States.

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This was in hopes to see how much more of an improvement the new Cruze diesel is, fuel economy wise, over the old model with the same test. The horsepower figure is up 11 and torque is 28 lb-ft higher versus the Volkswagen Jetta TDIthe car the Cruze clearly has in its crosshairs.

My wife has owned a few compact cars, mostly Subarus. We have good news: Do I want one? For hauling the family, we found the Cruze to be a bit cramped for five three of whom were kids in boostersbut most buyers in this category probably aren't toting around that many people regularly.

Of course, with nearly every diesel hatchback purchase that has taken place, the real unique selling proposition is the mileage.

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The international version comes with a petrol mill, which will not be launched in India due to lesser demand of petrol cars in the segment. All you need to know is that it drives far less generically than it looks. I did locate one at a dealer about miles away. The impact sensors around the car will keep good care of the passengers, shifting the intensity of the hit to the other parts.

It continues to collectively frustrate enthusiasts to see a brand so well versed in how to build performance cars and yet keep shy of the hot-hatch segment.

Diesel is funny like that, generally ignoring loads and just kind of getting the job done regardless. The drive home was about miles of mostly mountain driving Great little car to run around in.

Some eschew cargo space, others sacrifice the patrons of the back seat. Almost can't hear it from inside the car.

2018 Chevrolet Cruze Diesel: Review

At the end of our day-trip, the Cruze Diesel Hatchback averaged Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard. The diesel was only available as a or in the US. Comfort The new Cruze will be more comfortable than the current version as Chevrolet claims a longer wheelbase with more space for the rear passengers.

The price is expected to start from INR 16,00, The sedan version of the Chevrolet Cruze gets 52 mpg 4. LED lights make the car look more beautiful.

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The fit and finish on the car is top notch. Now the two elements have been combined for with a hatch and diesel combination for the Cruze.

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The original plan was to road trip from Michigan to Colorado again, like we did in with the last-generation Cruze Diesel. The Chevrolet Cruze is one of those cars, and with the hatchback option now available with a fuel-efficient diesel engine, Chevy may have come up with a near-perfect formula.

A dealer in Missoula, MT still had a I had considered The Chevrolet Cruze was redesigned about two years ago for the US market, with the hatchback version debuting last year.

I was somewhat impressed with the car then. For reference, the Cruze diesel sedan with the 9-speed auto does 37 combined mpg. Oh, and that lb-ft of torque?

The transmission will be handled by a 6-speed manual and an automatic gearbox in the Indian version. Also coming last year was the promised diesel powerplant for the Cruze. I've owned nothing but trucks since.

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It really is a terrific little car for scooting around town. The new car is amazing but lacks the command of the bulky and powerful looking older version. The glitchy responses are better avoided by holding down the voice control button on the steering wheel an extra second and speaking via your phone's interface Siri or Google instead.

The new design will also get a more comfortable interior for the passengers. The diesel engine is available in either body style. It will be having all the latest technologies including the integrated maps for better navigation, voice control and the automatic transmission for an easy ride.

The front seems to be lean and muscular than the current bull, with more fluent designing on the door panels and side body. Overall, we are fans of the little Chevrolet Cruze in its versatile hatchback format with the fuel efficient diesel engine option.

Chevrolet Cruze (New) (Diesel) Review

So much so that she made me locate one for her So, for the moment of truth. That two miles per gallon is a decent compromise for the gracious hatchback utility, if you ask any reasonable person. On the way down we traced the thumb coast via M29, and back to the city.

We like the dashboard design, the center focal point of which kind of looks like BB-9E 's head. No raccoons were harmed in the making of the stop! We agreed on a price and the dealer delivered it.