Fans find 'evidence' of f(x) Sulli and Choiza dating Fans find 'evidence' of f(x) Sulli and Choiza dating

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They are objects to be had and if they are off the market, there isn't much point in selling them, right?

Sulli's Bucket List Sparks Marriage Rumors to Choiza • Kpopmap

Things to Understand Sulli, a member if the girl group f xhas been packaged as the kiddie innocent baby of SM. For fans to support these celebrities, they should be, no matter how remotely, available for the fans.

That is why new boy bands are given reality shows better than craigslist dating site are thrown into variety shows. Well then, don't be an idol, be an artist. In a sense, their popularity determines how much further investment their agency will make.

Well, the girl fell in love. Further, they would only be half correct because everyone knows they are kept alive by their devoted fans who buy those CDs by the hundred just to make sure idols get their sales up.

As such when it is proven to be a fake, fans feel betrayed and no one likes being betrayed.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

San lied to them. Yeah, she participated in strengthening her baby image but she fell in love. Whether that demeanor is a put on or genuine is a different question altogether. Their Personal Life is No One's Business I ultimately agree that anyone's personal life is no one's business but if these idols agree too, they would not sign the contract or get into the industry.

It was not that celebrity's craft or work that is sold, it's their personality. These reactions, no matter how silly, isn't at all that surprising. Before, however, we decide on whether Sulli made the wrong decision to fall in live with Choiza or whether SM should have handled it another way or whether the fans were outright silly in raising so much concern in a situation that doesn't really concern them, let us understand several things.

Sulli’s Bucket List Sparks Marriage Rumors to Choiza

Much of the castigation is brought about by the fact that Sulli is dating a non-idol, not good looking rapper who was born for the Korean Ghetto hip hop culture.

Fans must be given that slight glimmer of hope that they have a chance. People could claim that these young idols don't have a choice but that's wrong.

In Korean entertainment, the "art" is a secondary concern. With no more word from either party, it looked like the rumor was going to die a natural death until Choiza lost his wallet containing photos of Choiza and him.

In variety shows, she has always been timid and giddy. However, I don't think fans are angry about the fact that she fell In love but that she fell in love with Choiza. Many fans expect Sulli to date another idol or a rich businessman or a Hollywood actor or a Prince.

Choiza Talks Openly About Dating Sulli

Fans support celebrities based on their personalities. The point is that this is simple physics. With it comes the illusion of availability.

There are few companies that don't impose this but they are few and far between.

Sulli, Choiza dating rumors resurface-INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily

What many miss is that Choiza writes his own songs and achieved mainstream success without a contract that includes a dating ban, an agency that hits him in the head for "wrong behavior" and people telling him what to do or say.

From the get go, the market is provided with an image of a celebrity and based on this image, they provide their support.

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There is the leader, the cute maknae youngestthe mysterious, the boy next door, the innocent and pure, and a whole lot of other personalities. I know people will say their success is a product of their hard work but it's the kind of work that fits the industry of the idol world.

Choiza, on the other hand, is the street thug who made a career in the most gangsta way possible in Korean entertainment.

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Further, if the celebrities feel that their personal life is no one's business, then why deny it in the first place? Sometimes, the management company isn't the one to assign the celebrity's image. Sex Objects It's hard to deny that celebrities are packaged in such a way that when you watch them grind their hips, it's like world peace depend on it.

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If these celebrities opt to choose something else over their relationship then the agency may be right in the first place. The problem is that they participate in forming this illusion to achieve their goals and when they realize that there is a trade off to their ambition, they resent the very industry that afforded them their success.

Who is Choiza dating? Choiza partner, spouse

When they are ready to put family life above career then It's time to open up about their relationship. Do you know why Taeyeon is being branded a weak leader?

He has his own company and manages other artists who have equal freedom to pursue their artistry without signing a no dating clause. There was so much anger towards the relationship and that is presumably the reason SM asked Sulli to go on an indefinite hiatus.

Are Dynamic Duo's Choiza and f(x)'s Sulli dating?

Why Are Idols "forbidden" to fall in Love It is no secret that contracts if idols include a "no dating clause". Choiza is a self made man. This was followed by another photo of them on a date.

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There is always a choice.